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Oct 3rd – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


God’s servant, Moses, was challenged to take on a tremendous role and do an extraordinary task, to deliver a nation that had been slaves for 400 years. They had grown accustomed to this state of affairs and their masters thought they would be forever lord over them. But God! He called one man to be the deliverer and assured him he would not be on his own. He said, ‘Certainly I will be with you” – Exodus 3:12. One with God is a majority! You see, the Lord had all the power and the answers and this situation did not cause Him any hangovers. He knew how to handle the thing from beginning to end and all that Moses had to do was trust and look to Him for direction. That same Lord is with you and together you will more than accomplish what He has called you to do. Be encouraged, though your task seems insurmountable, He will be  more than enough to stand with you and work sublime miracles through and for you.

Thought for the Day


One of the essential tasks for you to do daily is to meditate. It is the art and gift of being able to spend time out really thinking about the things that are most important in life and require your attention.  To avoid living a shallow existence without any real returns, you must learn to pull off and ponder upon those issues that are vital to your well-being now and eternal future. It means talking to God and allowing the Spirit of God to be your Teacher and Guide and reading and digesting the truth of the Scriptures. You will know and grow through this process and be saved from making mistakes in adopting the wrong attitudes and desires and going down the wrong paths. So find time out today to give deep thought to the things that matter!

QUOTES TO NOTE – Desmund Tutu

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.


THE WILL TO PLEASE – Matthew 3: 13-17

It is apparent that Jesus Christ possessed within his spirit and disposition the will to please the Father and it is obvious from v17 that He made a perfect and excellent job of it. During those private years of childhood, teenage period and development into manhood in Nazareth, and amongst a family of brother and sisters, Christ made it his objective to do all to satisfy and glorify His Father. In the home and at work, when no one was observing from without, He had this motivation and commitment. In coming to Jordan’s waters to be humbly baptized by John, there was this deep, inward desire to please the Father.

The immediate response from Heaven at His baptism shows the Father’s pleasure and confirmation upon His life. He was the recipient of the Holy Spirit and as John 3: 34 remarks: “for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto Him.” There was a fulness and richness of bestowment upon Him indicating what the Father and Heaven thought of Him. There was an entering into a bountiful legacy of the Spirit’s anointing and power because of this will to please the Father.

Having set the permanent example for Christendom, all must adopt this mind and attitude within their beings. As the sons of God, there must the emulation of the Son of God in this regard. It is imperative to discover what the Father has designed and desired for life and work and then to embrace it wholeheartedly. Today you have only one person to please – Father – God. Make it your business to do His will and so reap the blessing of faith and obedience in more of the Holy Spirit. There is no greater and better relationship or motivation for life and work.








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