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Oct 2nd – 2016

ernest kitchen

Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


Although it is not always a welcome and easy experience to handle, being poor, there is a bonus and helpful side to it. If you trust in the Lord there is no need to fear because His eye in on such and is every prepared to answer such in a bountiful fashion. The psalmist stated: For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish forever” – Psalm 9:18. How the Lord loves to step into such situations and demonstrate beyond doubt He can more than provide. To a woman that was about to make her last meal for her son and self, the Lord sends the prophet of the Lord to announce an extraordinary answer. She discovered that what seemed to be final lot was to multiplied in an amazing fashion. The poor can have a rich faith in God and know that He will work in His own glorious manner and more than give a satisfactory solution. If you are on the bread line, cheer up, the Lord I Jehovah Jireh, the up-to-date Provider. He will perform the miracle for you!

Thought for the Day


Because you are one with Christ you have choice prospects in every way. Your past has been soundly settled by reason of His death and resurrection on your account. So the prospects for your stay on earth are good in and with Him. He gives His clear and sound precepts to guide you in performing that which is right, true and best and most rewarding. His promises to you are guarantees what He plans to perform in your life on earth: provision, protection, direction advancement etc are to be found in numberless assurances given in the Scriptures. You can live anticipating Him to work things for your blessedness in the present. The prospects overleap death and the grave. Heaven with all of its promised blessings and happiness are extended so that you can live looking for Christ’s return and the manifestation of His eternal kingdom. You have a role to fulfil in that. Your prospects could not be better!!


Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.


BEGINNING A NEW ERA – Matthew 3: 1-12

The appearance of John the Baptist spelt the beginning of a new day and era. For over four hundred years there had been seemingly no prophetic voice on the scene. The Old Testament had been concluded and now there was to be the birthing and emergence of that which had been predicted by the patriarchs and prophets of former generations. There was to come into view and power the manifestation of Jesus Christ who would give and generate the most important news and experience vital to all men. John was to play a role in ushering in this new era of life, reality and hope. He had been set up and sent by God to introduce the most amazing and extraordinary person of history, Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

The new era was to commence with a call and demand for repentance in preparation for the manifestation of the spiritual and heavenly Kingdom begotten by God through Jesus Christ – v2 “Repent you; for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Christ’s forerunner and herald, John the Baptist, had the task of seeking to prepare the ground in peoples’ heart for the reception of Christ the King. It was needful for them to know a real change within their lives and so the all-essential requirement was called for – repentance. The new era was to start on this note. We see that Christ also takes up the same theme – v17.

We need to see a new, spiritual era being birthed and taking hold in of our day. The great demand within the Church and World is for the message and experience of repentance in readiness for the return of Jesus Christ. As we stand at the portal of another New Year, may we be in the place where God can break out in tremendous blessing in and through our lives so that all around will come to see and know the dynamic potency of Christ. Let there be the beginning of another move of God.









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