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Sep 30th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


There may be occasions when you feel that the Lord has no further interest in you and that you are out on a limb feeling forsaken and down. It is certainly true that people that you trusted leave you and the desolation is sensed. But the Lord would settle the issue from His standpoint. In Lamentations 3:31 it affirms: “For the Lord will not cast off forever”. He had to seemingly withdraw from this ancient people whom He loved because of their waywardness and wickedness but he would not completely abandon them At the right time He would re-gather and let them know of His unquenchable love. So with you, dear friend; His eyes are on you and His heart towards you and he will yet know the warmth of His embrace and the rich attendance of His care. Turn to Him so that you make it easier to do this. It can start today!

Thought for the Day


One of the choice names the LORD calls you is ‘elect.’ This means that He has selected you of the human society to be one of His elect family. Chosen to be a choice one within His eternal household where he will demonstrate His love and kindness in an incredible fashion and measure. You have not been saved and sanctified by Him to be something mean or to simply exist on bare means. No, you are someone of note and special before Him and he entertains high hopes concerning you, In the eternity to come He has indescribable blessings to manifest to you so that you will surely know  His great regard for you. Seeing this is the case, how greatly you must appreciate and estimate Him whose eyes, heart and hand is ever toward you. How important to believe and behave in such a way that declares His election over your life!


Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.


OPENING YOUR TREASURES – Matthew 2: 11; John 12: 1-8

How good to read of what these men did on arrival at the crib: they worshipped and made a presentation of choice gifts to the newborn babe. As they set out on this great journey they realised they must not go empty handed but be in a situation where they would be able to genuinely give something worthy to this baby. It does prove they went in faith and did expect to see someone of note at the end of their long, demanding errand. They wanted to grace this child with something that would be of value, meaningful and memorable.

It must have been with a sense of extreme delight that they had such in their possession to give. The gifts were rare and costly and came at a time when the parents would be in need because they were not very wealthy. The event was a providential arrangement so that the little family would be taken care of at a critical time. In the immediate future there would be demands made upon this small, household unit that must be attended to. Little did they know it! They were used in the providence of God to cater for an immediate need.

We must develop the spirit and art of giving to Christ. The Christmas spirit is the giving spirit. God gave His Son on that first Christmas Day and Christ was willing to be that marvellous gift. In return, there must be the desire and will to express to Him a generosity that overflows with blessing others with natural and spiritual gifts so that they are enriched. What are you presenting to Him today? Let it be yourself first and then what you have – see 2 Corinthians 8: 1-5. Take time to enrich someone in need over this Christmas period.









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