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Sep 29th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


The psalmist made this his prayer on one occasion: “Show me a token for good” – Psalm 86:18. If you are in a sticky and difficult situation it is nice to receive some kind of indication that things are going to change for the better. The Lord gives this promise to Noah after the Flood to pass on to mankind that this would not occur. He gave a permanent token on the matter. He said: “And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud” – Genesis 9:14. The Lord wants you to be at peace when all the prospects appear troublesome and laden with uncertainty. He can still the fears and assure you within with a sign and token that it is a passing phase and will not herald something worse. C.H. Spurgeon wrote: Faith always sees the bow of covenant promise whenever sense sees the cloud of affliction”. You will not be left at the mercy of your circumstances and He will give some indication how things will end to your blessedness.

Thought for the Day


This is one quality that must be nurtured and cultivated within all your life and service. In all things, you must be true and genuine so that family, friends and even those who may be your enemies have to admit your purity and reality in all your dealings with them. The Lord is active at all times, ever freeing you all that is of a false and deceitful nature. You are to be as pure gold, utterly sanctified a credit to your Lord, reflecting His peerless character in all things at all times. He is in you, in-working and outworking wholesome inspiration and motivation so that you will be known for your Christian sincerity and honesty.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Ronald Reagan

Peace is not absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.


DIVINE GUIDANCE – Matthew 2: 1-10

In the Christmas story is the account of the three wise men who were divinely guided by a star. They had been awakened and stirred by God by this heavenly body and were prepared to set out on the adventure of their lives in quest of a unique child that was to be born. It was to be the unforgettable and historic quest of a lifetime. Faith and determination would be required as they set out on this mission to discover what had been conveyed to them brought to pass. They sensed they were being strangely but surely directed in this epic expedition.

They did experience difficulty especially when they came to Jerusalem, but things were divinely resolved by the words of the prophets quoted by the priests and scribes. Then it would seem the divine luminary above shone with greater brightness as they came near to the end of their journey. It states: “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy” – 10. It brought them to their destination and so a destiny was fulfilled. He who had initiated the journey was there to give the essential direction to conclude it successfully.

Wise people are still divinely led. God has many ways and means by which He leads His people but He does so truly and successfully. He certainly intends, at this Christmas time, that you should be led to meet and know Christ the King. The promises and prophecies of the Sacred Word mainly centre and focus on Christ and stand out like stars, lights in the spiritual world, to bring to a full revelation of Him. At this time of the year and in your life, you too can have your life lit up by God and be guided to the Christ that will require your love, adoration and worship.


Study (12)



It is time to address another section of His people, Judah v2. He can foresee the path that it is treading and so foretells of coming disaster. They are on the slippery slope that will inevitably bring about their downfall. Inherent within them and evident without was a deceitful nature and ways. They were crafty in a sinful way with God and with one another and it was essential that this be sorted and sifted out from among them. He could point to their forefather in history, Jacob, and show that He had successfully affected a divine change in him and it was not too late for a miracle of this nature to occur in them.


It is known that in the womb of Rebekah there was a great conflict and that at the time she was in difficulty and dilemma. She was wondering what was taking place as she was to be a bearer of twins and there was a wrestling occurring within her Genesis 25: 19-26. A spirit of rivalry was existent and especially in the one to be born last, Jacob. There was something amiss even before he appeared on the scene. The boys were not conscious of it but it would become evident in a real way and have to be divinely dealt with.


Within the context of the domestic scene this struggle became obvious and Jacob expressed a real twist and bent in his nature. He was some manipulator. He had a way with him whereby he could secure his own ends and not be too worried about it. There was something fundamentally wrong with him as in the case of Judah at this time. There was the deceiving of Esau on two occasions and later this was to be manifest further in his dealings with Laban. Jacob was the sort of person that could not be trusted but the Lord loved him and desired to see him utterly transformed.


History showed and proved that the Lord was not happy with this state of affairs and on one occasion dramatically and dynamically moved in on man. He was to have a personal confrontation so that he would never be the same again. The bents and the twists had to go and so the divine wrestling match occurred where Jacob was weakened and there came the birth of a new man with a new nature and name – ‘Israel’ – ‘prince with God.’ Bethel and Peniel became two historic places for this man where God met, challenged and changed him so that he might fulfil divine destiny. He came forth from these experiences with a pure and true relationship with God and also the blessing of God. This was to be a reminder to the nation that what had happened historically to one man needed to happen to the whole nation. It was time for a fresh meeting with God and for a change to take place.


Just as God spoke to the forefather through the prophetic so to the descendants. He desired to lead the nation into a radical transformation that would transform the inward nature and outward future.








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