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Sep 23rd – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise



When Nathanael came to Christ he was immediately impacted by what Christ had to say to him. He had raised a question but Christ was packed full of assurance and gave an inspiring message of hope. He said: “do you really believe in and rely on and trust in Me? You shall see greater things than this!” Right at the start, Christ raises His expectations levels as if to say –‘you’ve seen nothing yet!’ The Lord has brought you into His kingdom that you might not only be blessed but to see Him at work in and through your life in a fantastic manner. There is every reason that you should see miracles and wonderful works of His coming to pass. As His kingdom life becomes resident in you and begins to preside, the extraordinary will occur. Do not simply settle for the ordinary when the One you love and believe is inside you seeking to bring about the impossible. The prophetic promise is yours: “you shall see greater things!”.

Thought for the Day


The halt sign the LORD gives you must be taken note of. It is there for a good purpose. To stop, you have to learn from contending with matters and issues that really are of no real concern to you. Like traffic, you must let them slip by until the road is clear ready for your next movement forward. Whilst being in that ‘halt’ state, you can learn faith and patience and quietly commune in spirit with Lord so that you are aware that He is with you on the journey to negotiate all that is ahead. You will not lose time or position by observing these necessary calls to stop. They will be occasions when things will clear up ahead so that you can make the progress heaven has planned. So discover the ‘traffic signs’ of heaven in your life and affairs and benefit from their spiritual input and guidance!

QUOTES TO NOTE – Alfred Lord Tennyson

A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.


LACK OF TRUST – 1 Kings 12: 20-33

Having received assurance from the Lord that he would become king over the northern tribes and seeing this come to realization, one would have thought that Jeroboam would have shown both his gratitude and trust towards Him. The Lord even stayed Rehoboam from entering into conflict with him. He surely owed it to God to make sure that he followed through the directions that was given to him – 1 Kings 11: 38. But regretfully he embarks upon a procedure that was not right or good for himself or the people.

It arose out of the surmising and devising of his mind and heart. He imagined that if he permitted the people to go to Jerusalem to worship then they would soon return to becoming one nation again and he would be in difficulty. It was a failure to trust God who had paved the way to his new status. He planned a new system of worship that was objectionable to God in the making of two golden calves and placing them in Bethel and Dan where the people could go and offer sacrifice. It states: “And this thing became a sin” – v30. It was deviation from God’s ways.

Let us not be led astray by the imposition of some new novelty, well meaning as it may appear to be, if subversively it counters God’s will and procedure of true worship. The devil will throw up all kinds of things to seduce and to draw us away from what is right and pleases the Lord. How jealous and zealous we ought to be in trusting Him and making certain that we adopt those things that accord with His mind and desire always!











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