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Sep 21st – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise



The promise stands secure and abiding: “Yes, I will help you” – Isaiah 41: 10. He states that today to you because He is still on the scene of time and is still capable of rendering assistance and provide perfect answers now into your life whatever the demands. When He is alongside there is no cause for anxiety or pressure as He is sufficient and adequate to respond to the situation. Even when no one else is around capable of being of some assistance, the Lord is with and for you and will work some great things on your behalf. He helped Moses deliver and govern a nation. He assisted Joshua and Caleb to cause His people and themselves to be possessors. He helped Hannah and Ruth in their crises. And shall He not come to your aid? Of course He will! Make the declaration of faith now by saying with your lips and heart: “THE LORD IS MY HELPER!”

Thought for the Day


I read these words today and sensed they were apt and appropriate for you . Quote: ‘God wired the universe so that happiness does not come from status, salary, sex, or success. Happiness comes from service. God designed you to be happiest when you are giving your life away. Why? Because he wants you to become like him. It’s all about love!’ So learn to give yourself away and concentrate on the well-being of others. See them blessed by saying and performing things that will bring a smile to their face, faith to their heart and strength to their will to copy your example. Life will be different because you are making a decisive choice to be different and so advance the good of those around. As the old song puts it: “If I can help somebody along life’s way, Then my living will not be in vain”. All the best for you today!!

 QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr Billy Graham

No one can outrun death. It will catch up to all of us eventually. 



After all the goodness and blessing that had been poured upon his life and labours for the Lord, one would have expected Solomon to have been both careful and grateful. He should have made doubly sure that he always did that which was right in the sight of the Lord. He owed it to Him to be diligent in doing what the law of the Lord had ordered. The all-essential wisdom was to revere the Lord and to totally keep on track with his Word. He should make sure that he safeguarded his relationship with the Lord so that he kept on line with Him.

This he failed to do. Success and prominence contributed to his spiritual so that he became seduced and mastered by them. Unfortunately he was lured to those from foreign nations. These led him off track and so there came the introduction of false gods and worship that had a bad effect on the nation. The example he set was not good and so God’s people became infected with a wrong profession and procedure that was displeasing to the Lord. It was a wicked thing to do especially in the light of all that the Lord had done for him.

It is needful to be on guard against any one and anything that would subversively lead us away from allegiance to the Lord. Lots of things seek to move in and to draw aside from wholehearted love and obedience to Him. Satan is a crafty seducer and invents many ways by which he can captivate the desires of the saints and so destroy their commitment to the Lord. It is imperative that you be wide awake and have the courage and guts to say no to that which would cause you to part company with the One who has abundantly blessed you. Remember, above all, He is deserving of your love and service and no counter attraction should be permitted to cause you to backslide from His grace.


Study 12  


 HOSEA 12 

It is time to address another section of His people, Judah v2. He can foresee the path that it is treading and so foretells of coming disaster. They are on the slippery slope that will inevitably bring about their downfall. Inherent within them and evident without was a deceitful nature and ways. They were crafty in a sinful way with God and with one another and it was essential that this be sorted and sifted out from among them. He could point to their forefather in history, Jacob, and show that He had successfully affected a divine change in him and it was not too late for a miracle of this nature to occur in them.


It is known that in the womb of Rebekah there was a great conflict and that at the time she was in difficulty and dilemma. She was wondering what was taking place as she was to be a bearer of twins and there was a wrestling occurring within her Genesis 25: 19-26. A spirit of rivalry was existent and especially in the one to be born last, Jacob. There was something amiss even before he appeared on the scene. The boys were not conscious of it but it would become evident in a real way and have to be divinely dealt with.


Within the context of the domestic scene this struggle became obvious and Jacob expressed a real twist and bent in his nature. He was some manipulator. He had a way with him whereby he could secure his own ends and not be too worried about it. There was something fundamentally wrong with him as in the case of Judah at this time. There was the deceiving of Esau on two occasions and later this was to be manifest further in his dealings with Laban. Jacob was the sort of person that could not be trusted but the Lord loved him and desired to see him utterly transformed.


History showed and proved that the Lord was not happy with this state of affairs and on one occasion dramatically and dynamically moved in on man. He was to have a personal confrontation so that he would never be the same again. The bents and the twists had to go and so the divine wrestling match occurred where Jacob was weakened and there came the birth of a new man with a new nature and name – ‘Israel’ – ‘prince with God.’ Bethel and Peniel became two historic places for this man where God met, challenged and changed him so that he might fulfil divine destiny. He came forth from these experiences with a pure and true relationship with God and also the blessing of God. This was to be a reminder to the nation that what had happened historically to one man needed to happen to the whole nation. It was time for a fresh meeting with God and for a change to take place.


Just as God spoke to the forefather through the prophetic so to the descendants. He desired to lead the nation into a radical transformation that would transform the inward nature and outward future.








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