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Sep 20th – 2016

Rev. E. Anderson

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A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise


They are greatly linked together. If you are really to enter into and experience a wonderful and bountiful state of blessing then boldness must precede. All those who have known what it was to enjoy a tremendous amount of increase and development have required it. This is one thing the Lord would seek to nurture in you so that you might taste the fulfilment of His glorious promises to you. As Joshua had to assume leadership after the great exploits of Moses he recognised how much he stood in need of it. The Lord spoke and said to him: “Be strong and of a good courage: for unto this people shall you divide and inheritance the land . . . .” – Joshua 1: 6. The call is yours to move out at the summons of your Lord for you must forward into your greater possessions. Do not be satisfied where you are but know this is the time for fresh courage and attainment. Do not be faint-hearted but stout-hearted in the Lord.

Thought for the Day


It is a choice attribute for you to have if you are to be blessed and successful in your relationship with others. This quality will make an immense difference in your enjoyment and pleasure in life. It does mean being attractive and pleasant, having the capacity for people to like your genuineness, cordiality, warmth and friendliness and the way you do things in a gracious and generous manner that draws their respect and attention. Christ had this great capacity and as you allow yourself to be inspired and influenced by Him, He will cause this beautiful factor to be birth and developed in the grace your person and ministry. People will be glad to know you and enjoy your input into their lives and affairs. Do not turn people away and off from you. But be like the magnetic that has its own quiet manner of dynamic influence! A smile, a gracious word, loving act count a lot!

QUOTES TO NOTE – Alfred Lord Tennyson

The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.



The queen of Sheba had heard that such a king existed over the kingdom of Israel that had become renowned for his outstanding wisdom and knowledge – v6. She wondered whether it was true or not and so decided to go on a mission and find out for herself. Her curiosity had been aroused and got the better of her and so she could not rest until she verified the matter. She made the great trek and took with her invaluable presents to offer the monarch, to ensure that she would not be embarrassed if this was the actual truth! She welcomed the opportunity to make the trip and to be enriched in every way.

On meeting and being entertained by him she immediately was fixed on settling the issue – “she communed with him of all that was in her heart” – vv2, 3. In talking to him she discovered what a gracious and wise person he was and that he exceeded all her expectations. In summing it all up she recognized the role that the Lord had played in gifting and exalting him as king. She sensed that this wealth of understanding had come from the Lord and so availed herself at that convenient hour to benefit from the knowledge that flowed through him of a godly order.

In coming to Jesus Christ, we discover what an extraordinary person He is. He doesn’t just have some but all the answers to life and living. He is not wanting on any front. His Kingdom certainly excels that of Solomon’s because it is spiritual and eternal and those who are His subjects He schools them so that they become altogether wise through His wisdom. As you sit at the feet of Christ today, learn of Him and you will advance in the highest knowledge.







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