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Sep 14th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise 


You need not fear or being alarmed when a sudden testing time comes upon you because you can discover succour in the upheaval. The promise holds good for you today and for the foreseeable future, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him” – Isaiah 59: 19. The Spirit of God is quite capable of facing and taking on all evil opposition and subdues and overcome them without difficulty. As He resides and presides in you and you remain open to His constant input and indwelling, there is no need to fear what Satan and the powers of evil hurl at you. You will be strengthened in a unique manner and have the wisdom to deal with all their strategy and energy to wield the sword of the Spirit and stand and win the battles. You follow in the steps of One who has thoroughly thrashed and beaten Him. So gain your inspiration from Him and this up-to-date promise. You were made to win!

Thought for the Day


Because you come under the Lord’s gracious covering and blessing, your life and service can be possessed by certitude. You can live and act in a spirit and assurance of confidence. Certainly, you can be sure of His presence and power at work daily on your behalf and constantly know the outworking of His words of promise. Be certain of the facts: Christ has come, has died and is risen and is ever active in relation to you. He has said it and means it: ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you . . . .’ He is ever nigh at hand to render all that is essential to the blessedness and fruitfulness of your day and mission. So cast all doubt and fear aside. Claim His company and activity and sure enough, you will discover Him to faithful in all. Yes, now, today. Amen!

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless.


A GIFT IN USE – 1 Kings 3:15-28

When God gives a sacred gift, as in the case of Solomon, He will cause it to be used and confirmed. The Lord enabled this newly appointed king to employ a gift of wisdom in most strange conditions as the narrative reveals. Two women come to him for judgment with regard to their babies and he was given insight and understanding that made him see where the answer lay. One woman had slept on her child in the night and exchanged it for the live baby. The other woman knew that the child was not her son and sensed what had happened: so the problem.

Solomon had no intention whatsoever of putting a sword to the defenceless child but knew that this was the way to find out who the true mother was. He was not to be disappointed because the real mum cried out in its interest but the other was prepared to allow the king to slay the infant. Immediately he was sensitive to the identity of the child’s genuine protector, nurse and mother. The result was good in the monarch’s cause as the people realized that God was with him to act in the purpose of justice and judgment – v28. This was good and right for the nation.

As God calls you to work for Him, He provides both grace and gift so that you are to fulfil the divine vocation efficiently and successfully. He is able to give all the essential equipment so that you can serve the people in a suitable and worthy manner. Those around require some extraordinary answers at times because of the dilemmas and difficulties that life creates, but He desires to bestow on you all that is necessary so that others may profit and that you might be used. At the end of the day, He is to be glorified because all is from Him and honour is due to Him.



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