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Sep 13th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise



The promise that the Lord gives to His whole Church Family at the end of time is: “Behold, I make all things new” – Revelation 21 The process has already begun in the fact that He has wrou ght a dramatic and supernatural change in you, giving you a brand new nature and start so that you can think, believe and live differently. Now you are inspired and governed from above, heaven having a constant input into your life and affairs and so live according to the will and expectations of your heavenly Father. You await the great fulfilment of this promise when radical change is going to be noted everywhere. For instance, you are to possess a new body capable of living in a glorious, fresh environment, heaven; be linked with an innumerable company of people who know the same and will live forever together with the angels and enjoy being cared for by a gracious heavenly Father. He is to spring fantastic surprises on His new, elect household! So, let your faith and expectations be great!

Thought for the Day


You need to copy the inspired example of Paul when he said “I press on.” He had achieved so much for the Lord in terms of character production and fruitful ministry and service, but he was not satisfied. He was quite pleased at the point he had arrived at but it was not enough. There was still so much to be wrought and accomplished. He could not rest on his laurels and attainments. He still needed to improve in quality characteristics and there were churches needed to be planted, souls to be saved and saints enlightened and encouraged in God. So you, too, cannot be static otherwise you will be come stagnant, a smell that comes from the past which creates the wrong odour. So awake, arise and advance into the new day, into fresh territory and add quality to your person and progress in your labours.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Alfred lord Tennyson

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.


THE RIGHT CHOICE – 1 Kings 3: 1-14

This part comes on the right note with Solomon offering to the Lord a bumper burnt offering. By this measure he was revealing his heart-felt appreciation of the Lord. In reviewing his new status, and how the Lord had brought him to this unique responsibility, it was only right that there should be some definite evidence of it not just for his own but the peoples’ sake. It was just and proper that he make obvious to them what his attitude was to Israel’s true ruler.

The Lord beautifully responded by appearing to him in the night season and posed a question to him of great magnitude: “Ask what I shall give you?” That was some opportunity for him as an individual to really seek something for himself, but it is good to observe that he did not abuse his privilege. He was most sensible in his aspirations and request. In looking at what was before him of duty to God and people he sensed that his deepest and biggest need was for wisdom. Later he wrote: “wisdom is the principal thing!” He knew if he was to guide and govern the nation aright he required a great deal of understanding and so the Lord was pleased with his petition and responded accordingly in a far bigger way – see v13.

We may not have a dream or a role to fill like Solomon, but one thing is certain, we, too, require wisdom.  There are so many people and situations to meet and deal with in life that we require a tremendous amount of divine know how. It is assuring to know that this is possible and is offered to us in Jesus Christ the Fount of all wisdom. The answers we require today and every day can flow through Him to us as we keep relationship with Him and seek for the solutions. The promise is given: “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally . . .” – James 1: 5. You need not be in the dark but can experience His answers always.




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