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Sep 11th – 2016

ernest kitchen

Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise



Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Christ encourages it by example, precept and promise. It is the most effectual and rewarding factor that you can engage in. Elijah was a man who knew how to call on God and get things done in an extraordinary fashion. He saw incredible things occur. And so can you! James states: “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” – James 5. The spiritual quality of the one who prays is important and linked to getting answers. Being good and right before God does make a difference here!  The Lord accepts the person as well as the prayer. So as you walk with God in love, faith and obedience you have an authority with Him. As you bring your petitions The Lord will make you an answer to prayer as you secure this position!

Thought for the Day


It is essential for you to keep naturally and a spiritually vigilant. You cannot afford to go around with your eyes closed unaware of what is taking place before and in your life. There are things of a negative and destructive nature besides positive and constructive factors at work. You must learn and know how to steer clear of what is harmful. The best way to maintain vigilance is by keeping your eyes on Jesus, maintain your prayer life, daily reading God’s Word and be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit. These spiritual factors will make sure that you are in the alert and watchful mood and prevent you falling foul of anything or anyone that seeks your downfall and destruction. Especially in these days, keep a look-out for the return of your Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. How there is a need of reminding of this next event? After all, it could be today!

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

All the nations that make up the world are burdened down with riches or poverty, obesity or malnutrition, success or failure.



There does appear to be some neglect on the part of David in putting his successor into place and as a result difficulties arose. It was evident that Solomon was to be the one that should follow him on the throne but he does nothing to advance him. He was old and anything could happen. And it did! Adonijah felt he had the right to this position and he had an ally in Joab. The Scriptures state in v5 that Adonijah “exalted himself.” He was going to adopt illegal measures by which he would obtain the throne and kingdom to thus thwart the mind of his father and will of God. It was not an admirable and commendable thing to do and those aligned to him were also wrong in this pursuit.

Of course, the whole scheme came unstuck, as it became known. David suddenly took action and Solomon was duly anointed and appointed the monarch of God’s people. Instead of being exalted Adonijah is humiliated and later has to forfeit his life because of further foolish conduct. The whole thing fell apart and brought inevitable judgment to those concerned. That which they planned did not succeed and there was an awful price to be paid for trying to take the kingdom in such a subversive manner.

Seeking our own promotion and gain does not pay off at the finish. Desiring someone else’s right and role and trying to oust them out of their placements is not a wise procedure. There is no point in being in a post that has not been divinely designed and determined for us. As God orders our lives, and as we walk graciously and humbly before Him, He will lead and bring us to the situation where we can function and serve best. Seeking to exalt self is not a good procedure. Satan was the first to make the endeavour with regard to God and failed.  We need to learn from his and from the mistakes of others.





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