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Sep 9th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible 

A Daily Promise



In an ever increasing burdened society it is good to know what you have to with your burdens to get them really eased and answered. They are factors that are loaded on to the mind and spirit and have a way of draining the life of faith, energy and optimism. Even little issues of a negative kind can assume bigness and weigh life down making it miserable and intolerable. The psalmist gave good counsel in Psalm 55:22 when he said:” Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you”. He will be with you to supply the required strength and wisdom so that you can not only bear but see you way though such to immense profit.  Spiritual muscle, nerve and understanding will flow and you will ride them to great ends. Instead of being undone by them they will be the making of you and your ministry.

Thought for the Day


The Lord has not called you to be an on-looker or a bystander to observe what is occurring but to be actively engaged with Him in His plans and purposes. Although He positively announced “I will build My Church” He is not to do this on His own. He has summoned you to be involved with Him 100% in achieving this great dream that Father-God has had in mind from eternity past. You are now an essential member of His team to live and serve in a wholesome work that will bring honour to Him and advance your own life and gifting which in due course will be rewarded by Him. So do not stand on the side-lines viewing matters, be dedicated to Him and His intention now for your life and ministry. Get your hands dirty, learn to sweat and toil and do a worthwhile job for Him, today.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Cesare Pavese

We do not remember days, we remember moments.


FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS – 2 Samuel 23: 11,12

What a notable warrior Shammah turned out to be! He was in the midst of a very difficult situation with a horde of Philistines to contend with. It would seem that the piece of ground that was full of lentils was his own possession; this being so, he was of a mindset not to let it fall into the hands of the enemy. He had taken the trouble to sow and care for this plot and he was not going to allow it to be taken over by the opposition so that they could enjoy its benefits.

He had to make a lone stand because every one of his people fled at the sight of the foe. He had to take a solitary position and make a bold and courageous effort to overcome the formidable enemy. Though alone he was not alone because the Lord was with him to strengthen and enable him to experience a tremendous victory. The enemy did not have chance to flee because he slew them. He would not permit them to escape but saw to it that they would no longer be a threat. What a testimony he would have for the rest of his days because of the great victory! He fought for his rights and won.

As we review our spiritual state, we must take note as to whether our foe, Satan and the powers of evil, are robbing us of our rights and possessions. Instead of letting them run all over us and take from us those cherished things purchased by Christ for us, we should decide to stand and fight and win the day. There is little doubt that when we are in a mind and mood of this nature the Lord will be with us to settle the issue and give the victory.




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