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Sep 5th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise



What is promised you by God the Father in the Gospel of Christ is the glorious possibility of becoming a new creature, yes, a brand-new creation. The real reason why Christ came and died in your place and rose again from the dead was that He might come and live inside of you, remove your sin and create a new person, with fresh power and possibilities. You actually become a son of God, an integral member of God’s household with all of its advantages. It is stated in John 1:12 “But as many as received Him (Christ) to them He gave the power and right to become sons of God”. Not only does He grant you a new status but a new nature from which a new behaviour in line with His own qualities of character. You conform to the image of Christ and so God the Father is pleased with you, desires your fellowship and good at all times. So make sure you are revealing the family likeness, today!

Thought for the Day


What convinces the Lord that you really mean business in relation to Him is not when you have faith in Him, and that is important. It is when you are prepared to obey Him in every way and in all situations. This is what he seeks to create and cultivate in you so that He might enhance your future. His first summons to Adam and Eve was to obedience, to make sure that they carried out His directive. Because they allowed Satan to weaken this summons, they lost out in their accord with Him and their place in Eden’s garden. It is important for you to constantly know what the next step of obedience is and see it through because it shows your respect of and for Him and guarantees your standing with Him and blessed prospects. As the old hymn succinctly puts it: “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, To be happy in Jesus, But to trust and obey”.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

The great flaw in the American economic system has finally been revealed: an unrealistic faith in the power of prosperity rather than in the ultimate power and benevolence of God.



This is a great song of salvation that emphasized the tremendous help the Lord had given to him in the defeating of all his foes and enemies – v1. It had been a long drawn out period of contest and conflict, but the Lord had been with him to secure not only his safety but to bring about some great victories and establish his position as head of His people. He had every reason to be inspired to compose such a song. There had been some very tough situations to encounter, and at times, it looked as if he would be swallowed up by the opposition; however the Lord had worked on his behalf – vv18, 48, 49

In the fight he had been the recipient of the might of the Lord and so became invincible. Divine strength had been his experience and as a consequence he had been able to run through a troop and beat his enemies to dust – vv30, 43. Instead of being a victim to those who desired his destruction, he becomes their victor. He had beat out a trail of triumph and so the testimony of his song was all about the Lord and the role he had played. Consequently he needed to register his appreciation and what better way than by a song of grateful praise. All the credit and glory must go to Him.

How we need to look back over our lives and experiences and note the victories that have occurred when we have allowed the Lord to lead and strengthen us. Not only must we render to the Lord a delightful song of thanksgiving, which thrills Him, but will also bring added divine inspiration in the present to register further victories. All that has happened in tokens of spiritual domination is in order to set up the platform for greater accomplishments and more songs of salvation.





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