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Sep 3rd – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise


In a world of people that are ridden with anxious care, it is easy for you to fall into the trap and become one of them, distress and over-burdened. It is possible to think that you don’t have any and that you are doing okay. You must sure that you are certain on this issue. It is imperative to follow the sound advice of Peter and believe the promise extended. He writes; “Casting all your care upon Him for he careth for you” – 1 Peter 5:7. Care comes in many guises and is deceptive and people are encompassed by such and hardly know it until the pressure and load intensifies. The good news is that Christ knows you and all about you and all that is to happen to you, and can and will offer both His strength and wisdom to deal with every day with its demands, yes even in this modern world and society. He is with you as your best Friend and Counsellor, offering His immediate Friendship and Counsel thus relieving life in a dynamic way. Let Him in and make sure you place all into His capable hands and have a great day!

Thought for the Day


You have been wonderfully blessed, saved and kept by the grace of the LORD. He has demonstrated His glorious favour to you by renewing you from within, giving you a divine and heavenly nature and making you a son of God, placing you in God’s family. His grace is to be ever within and become the mainspring of your life and service. Now you are to demonstrate this grace to all, having no favourites, but manifest the magnanimous favour of the LORD everyone, those within your family, friends, brothers and sister in the Church family and the world of people without. All call for a clear knowledge of God through you and this is best served by being gracious, courteous and kind. Let the grace of God abide and abound in and through you so that countless others will have visible evidence of its presence, power and pleasure and be dynamically impacted and influenced, today.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

At the bitter end of an era of liberation  – women’s lib, kids’ lib, animal lib, and everything-but – ethics lib – America has apparently been liberated from its moral foundations But for too many, the good life has become a living hell. 


COMPLICATIONS – 2 Samuel 19 & 20

It appeared David had quite a few complicated factors to face in life and even in his latter years they were present with him and had to be dealt with. There was the sad loss of his son that he felt keenly about. The thing became an obvious cause of great embarrassment and contention. He had to be straightened up in his thinking in this case by Joab because of the adverse effect it was having upon his friends and people. The other factor was that there was a desperate need for Judah to welcome him back to his home and throne. Both needed sorting out and rather quickly.

He was prepared to be counselled by his military commander and rescued out of an awkward situation. There was then the right approach to the elders of Judah to bring about his restoration to his proper place – vv9-15. It was essential that the strife and division come to an end so that all would benefit. The thing became a real issue of bad feeling and words and eventual conflict – 2 Samuel 20: 1-22 until all was resolved. It has to be said that Absalom left a legacy of problems that required attention and much wise diplomacy.

Things are not always easy to resolve when bitterness and conflict commence. So often much has to take place of wisdom and action before the complicated factors are brought to resolution and rest. Thankfully it is possible, by the help of the Lord, to bring things back to a settled state so that everything can move progressively forward. One cannot afford to exist in a state of spiritual and natural disturbance. If there is that which troubles and creates continuous instability, seek the direction and grace of the Lord that leads to His assistance and answers.





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