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Sep 2nd – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise


God’s ancient people, Israel, lost the great of blessing, favour and fulfilment because of their unbelief, disobedience and waywardness. They were granted so much from God but lost it because they did not keep their relationship with Him. Instead of being the head they became the tail and lost out on what could have been theirs. In spite of this, God was gracious and made sure promise to them. Through the prophet, Joel, he said, “And I will restore unto you the years that the locust hath eaten . . . .” – Joel 2:25. Whatever they had lost and missed out on, God could and would restore their prosperity and blessedness. The same can be your lot, too. If you have lost and missed out on what the Lord had designed for you, repent, turn in faith to Him and believe to see His goodness. You will not be disappointed. Do not live and linger any longer in backsliddenness and waywardness but get back into vibrant accord with Him and let the days ahead and your latter years be crowned in an abundant manner with every heavenly good.

Thought for the Day


The invitation of your LORD today, is, “Seek ye my face” – Psalm 27: 8. That which was offered to the psalmist centuries ago holds good for you at this moment. The call of heaven is that you may turn away from all people, things and attractive factors and make Him your quest, now. Above all, you truly need to know Him in a deeper and greater manner and this can only be when He becomes your main quest. If you are to achieve anything of a lasting, rewarding nature and become like Him, you must make Him priority and pursue Him with all your being. There is nothing and no one to compare with Him and as you know and build a communion with Him, life and work will be enriched beyond measure. The opportunity does not last forever. Seize the time now and positively respond as the psalmist did. He replied: “Your face, LORD, will I seek”.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

What I find disturbing in America is the consuming desire for leisure, convenience, and fun. It seems we, as a nation, have traded God for gadgets. We have traded eternal truth for moment-ary self-gratification—worshipping false gods of materialism and humanism instead of the Creator of all things.


A TRAGIC END – 2 Samuel 17 & 18

It is always sad to read and hear of the decease of someone that had tremendous potential and prospects that had failed to achieve a good destiny, when it could have been so different. This was so with regard to Absalom. He had been blessed and endowed with so much as a young man and was a son of royal birth. His father may have made an awful error in his notorious sin, but above all, he had left an inspiring example on how to make good and live in a wholesome relationship with the Lord. There should have been the will on his part to avoid the path of evil and to shun a selfish, ambitious program, thus safeguarding his future.

He was to be slain on the field of battle. The forces of David overcame his troops and he had to escape. As he did so his head was caught in an oak tree and the mule on which he was riding left him suspended there exposed to the opposition. The person, who had befriended him in bringing him back to Jerusalem, Joab, was the man who slew him. In death he was reduced to utter humiliation and his body thrust into a pit. What an end to what could have been a most promising and productive life! It was a sad conclusion.

There is never any need to envy those who pursue the course of unrighteousness; their demise tells its story and offers a startling lesson. We cannot afford to do our own thing and try to remove others that we consider are a nuisance to us in hindering our progress. It is the height of folly to go down that road. The vital thing is to make sure we conform to God’s plan and purpose for our lives and vocation. Take note of the end of others: much is learned from this kind of study.




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