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Aug 31st – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise



This is what both David and Habakkuk discovered that made all the difference to their stability and progress. The prophet said: “The Lord God is my strength, and He will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and He will make me walk upon mine high places” – Habakkuk 3:19. Although given tough assignments the assurance was they knew through the promise of divine stamina and inspiration they would live and move in the mountainous regions with great blessing. And so can you! You were made to tread and subdue those places that are difficult and pleasurable. The hind is a unique creature. The reason why it can live in and enjoy the heights and jump from crag to crag without difficulty is simply this: its back feet always land where the front feet are initially placed. It is sure-footed. When you faith is joined to your obedience you will never be in difficulty The Lord will see that you can live dangerously as well as dynamically without ado!

Thought for the Day


The word of the Lord to you is what was given to Joshua, and was advocated by Paul: “Be strong” – Joshua 1:6; Ephesians 6:10. You are absolutely inadequate of yourself to deal with life and the demands of this day, but your Lord is all-sufficient to provide the wisdom required, and energy, too, so that you will answer everyone and everything that comes your way today. Nothing baffles Him and He has all the power to work in the impossible circumstances. Never forget with regard to creation, He upholds and serves the whole of creation without faltering and failing, upholding by His omnipotent word. He certainly is with you to make sure that you are well supplied with all that is essential to answer all that comes across your pathway. There is no way that you will fail as long as He is alongside you ministering His strength. Remember, ‘His strength is made perfect in weakness” – 2 Cor 12: 9. Let the wek say: ‘I am strong’.

QUOTES TO NOTE Dr. Billy Graham

The Pilgrims . . . put their ideals ahead of all material considerations. It is not surprising that the Pilgrims had little and succeeded, while we have much and are in danger of failing. No civilization can make progress unless some great principle is generously mixed into the mortar of its foundations in life.



It is not a very nice thing when someone near and close to you does something evil against you behind your back, when they furtively and secretly plan your downfall and ruination! This happened to David. His own son that he had pardoned and restored worked contrary to the good of his father. He was quite a handsome guy – 2 Samuel 14: 25 and he had a charm about him that drew people after him. In a deceptive manner it states, “so Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel” – v6. His father was ignorant of what he was doing on the sly.

Because of his long reign as king, there would be those who would be looking for a change and Absalom appeared to be the peoples’ man. From all natural appearances he had everything going for him and he was prepared to depose his father from the throne and dispose of him too! He would stoop to the lowest level to achieve his ends. It was not a wise procedure as later factors reveal. How foolish to act in a way like this against the Lord’s anointed! He was aware of the conspiracy and would cause it to fail.

Involvement in evil practices of this nature reveals an awful lack of wisdom and foresight. It is senseless and stupid to engage in this kind of deed because it does eventually work contrary and brings inevitable judgement. We are sensible when we always act in righteousness thus gaining the approval of God. Never let our ambitions be corrupted by seeking things for ourselves in a wrong manner. God is able to promote when all we do is pleasing to Him. In course of time, in His providence, He works to the distinct advantage of those who act rightly.






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