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Aug 29th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson



A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise


You are assured by God’s Word that you will be comforted when you face troubles, trials and tribulation. Whilst you know and enjoy good blessings from the Lord, there are incidents and experiences that really seek to try and hurt. Know that the Lord is ever with you to stand and succour you whatever the grievous situations encountered. By His presence, words and action He is most supportive and will make these things serve you and add to your growth and personal testimony. You will never be alone because He is committed to your happiness and health. Having come through these things, your role is being with and imparting that knowledge and strength to others. His comfort will flow through you, so the promise will be advanced and achieve much for His glory. Besides being ministered unto by the Lord you will minister for Him His comfort. Paul affirms: “Who comforteth us in all our tribulation that we may comfort them which are in trouble” – see 2 Cor1: 3-7.

Thought for the Day


A great and wonderful characteristic of your Lord is His eternal, quality and consistent faithfulness which has been manifested towards all His creation and creatures, and that includes you. It has been your blessedness to know and enjoy His loyalty and fidelity in a generous and gracious manner and measure. With the prophet you can wholeheartedly proclaim: “Great is Your faithfulness” – Lamentations 3:23. The experience of this is purposed to impact and infuse you with the same quality spirit and devotion. Just as He is faithful to you in all things at all times, so must this be your life and life-style so that you know credibility before Him and amongst your friends and peers. Both He and others can ever trust you because of your trustworthiness that arises from your faithfulness. In the ultimate as you stand before Him for His sentence on your life, He wants to be able to say: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, .  . .  enter into the joy of your Lord” – Matthew 25: 21.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

The Pilgrims had vision and hope because they lived in the dimension of eternity. Their strength of spirit was forged by a personal faith in God, by tough discipline, and by regular habits of devotion.


RESTORATION – 2 Samuel 14

David grieved over the fact that Absalom was now away from him and yearned for him – 2 Samuel 13: 39. Joab perceived this and conceived a way in which to promote the return of his erring son – vv1-20. He felt this gap and alienation must cease and so devised a procedure whereby the king would feel free to restore him back to his home. Having maybe sensed how good and merciful God had been to him over his previous wrongdoing, it was now his turn to demonstrate the same to his offspring.

Unfortunately, David did not go all the way in the matter. Whilst permitting him to return he did not go out of his way to welcome him in a warm and loving manner. He did not see the king’s face -24. This indicates that he only went halfway and Absalom had good reason to be partly grieved. It was only when he took severe action that it was remedied – vv29-32. Eventually it came to pass after exerting pressure but it would have been better had David taken the initiative. This failure may well have sowed in the young man the wrong kind of spirit and attitude that was to break out in a sinister and evil purpose later on.

In the issue of forgiveness and restoration let there be no half measures. It should become obvious to those who receive such at our hands that they are totally within our love and friendship so that they sense love and security. There should be no keeping them at arm’s length and having any suspicions over them. This is to court disaster and further problems. Let God’s grace rule and determine everything.







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