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Aug 28th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible

A Daily Promise


For your life and future to be full of real prospect you need to know and build on the promises of God. In Proverbs 3: 6 it gives clear and sound instruction as to how you can have a guided and fruitful existence here on earth. It affirms: “in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths”. There is a condition for the latter being fulfilled and it is up to you to carry out the condition set. It really means putting God first in everything. He has priority in your thoughts and plans and as you are daily committed to seeing they are wholly carried out in faith and with good attitudes. You will know when this is so. The consequence of the right procedure results in the smile and favour of God. He will always show you the best, good and right way and as you tread such, there will be untold progress, blessing and success in becoming a person of real wealth and worth. Life will not be wasted but full of credit with the prospect of leaving a great legacy for the next generation.

Thought for the Day


The psalmist invites you to a daily, profitable exercise that is sure to do an amazing amount of good. He says: “Serve the LORD with gladness” v- Psalm 100: 2. Because He has made you glad you should be able to make this joyful response. In view of the fact that He has brought you into a dynamic relationship with Himself, having forgiven your sins, made you His child thus giving you access into constant fellowship with Him, knowing His daily providence and revelation into your affairs should create a healthy mood and mind. Out of this wholesome and happy state let their flow songs, hymns and words of gladness to Him. As you fill your life, the air and atmosphere with such, not only will He be thrilled and exalted, so will your gladness increase and others around will sense it. Your gladness will become infectious and contagious thus transforming others and life and day as a whole.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

Our nation grew strong in an era when moral standards were emphasized, and it will grow weak when we condone that which we once condemned.



The sin of David appeared to be concealed for quite a period of time but he knew in his heart the awful crime that had been committed. He was under great conviction, as Psalm 32 makes known. What a miserable time he experienced over the issue and he must have longed for relief from the sordid matter! The Lord takes initiative and reveals to Nathan the prophet what had occurred and he had the task of going to him to rebuke him and to truly clear the air and bring about his repentance, cleansing, forgiveness and restoration to favour. He came to admit it and was restored by God’s grace – see Psalm 51.

There was an awful price to pay for this wickedness. Both his family and nation suffered by reason of it. Somehow this thing had long-term repercussions and he must have sensed how foolish he had been. He was to be somewhat rebuked for the rest of his days as he saw the effects of it revealed in some family members later on. The act of evil was not something slight that could be easily erased.

How watchful we have to be so that we do not have to live with a load of regrets! A moment of seeming carnal pleasure can have devastating results. Realizing this should put some inward safeguards that delivers in the hour of temptation and preserves the well being of many others, especially those close to us. We do not want to experience God’s rebuke: rather His commendation and pleasure. The Lord is able to preserve from this kind of evil procedure.




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