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Aug 25th – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson


A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


A Daily Promise


The Lord revealed to Moses how He was to deliver Israel from slavery, save them from the judgment of death and open a way of exodus for His people. He gave promise and prospect of freedom from incredible conditions and make a route for them into something better. An angel of death was to visit Egypt and the way of preservation and deliverance was in carrying out \his directives. It meant the slaying of a lamb, applying the blood of the victim on the door-posts of their homes and so they would be safe and secure when the angel of death passed over. He said: when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt” – Exodus 12:13.A preservation order was upon them and is also upon you as you trust in the sacrificial death and blood-sacrifice of Jesus Christ. You have nothing to fear as you under this sacred covering, now and eternally. .

Thought for the Day


Never forget that the inward driving force within you life and ministry must be divine love. You must be able to truly say like Paul: “the love of Christ constraineth us” – 2 Cor 5:14. It is imperative that you are held in by it and motivated by the nature of God, which is agape love. Less than this will not suffice to give a distinct revelation of Christ within the Church and to the world at large. It is be the token and badge that you are Christ’s disciple, servant and minister and nothing can replace this vital requisite. Be aligned to your Lord and Master and allow Him to feed and quicken this essential dynamic so that you may bear and leave a powerful testimony to Him and the quality of His Person. Today you will have the opportunity of showing this so do not waste it.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Charles Hadden Spurgeon

How sweet it is to learn the Saviour’s love when nobody else loves us! When friends flee, what a blessed thing it is to see that the Saviour does not forsake us but still keeps us and holds us fast and clings to us and will not let us go!



In the running of the government and kingdom and the demands made upon him, David could have forgotten certain factors. Although retaining pleasant memories of Jonathan, he could have chosen to let things slide and not have been too bothered as to what had happened about his family. But he was duly concerned and desired to express some benefit towards any of his kin that may be still alive. There was one person by the name of Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son that was alive however he was very needy and required help.

He was a cripple and seemed to be lacking in hope and prospects. In a gracious manner David stepped in with a loving deed and gave him a great future. He was brought into the king’s presence, given land that had been owned by Saul and the delight of sitting around the monarch’s table. A servant was deputed also to administer his property on his behalf. It all stemmed from a lovely attitude within David’s heart that had been initially provoked by the love and actions of Jonathan.

We have been so blessed by the Lord with so much of His kindness that it should produce in us the will to be kind to others, especially those placed in less fortunate circumstances. It would be well of you today to seek someone out in order to demonstrate some choice deed that will bless to their advantage. Do not let time and opportunity go by without showing some generosity to someone who desperately requires it. Leave a legacy behind you now of deeds done in the name of Christ for the well-being of others.




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