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Aug 23rd – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson





A Daily Promise

Guided after Impossible Conditions – Gen 45: 25-28

After going after many years of severe trial through the loss of Joseph (something that must have baffled and bewildered knowing his potential and the dreams), and being reduced to dependency on Egypt for subsistence because of an intense famine, He really needed a miracle and some help from on high. He had not lost his faith but he must have wrestled long over matters. The crisis of the famine was to unlock the whole thing for him. Little did he know about the extraordinary providential acts of God re-his son Joseph. His dreams were being wrought out in a strange manner and Jacob was to get the full disclosure. The news is Joseph is alive and is ruler in Egypt!! He gets confirmation and direction from the Lord – 46: 1-4.  If the Lord says it that settles it and he can now go himself and see what the Lord has achieved. Maybe you need this sort of word because of the awful things that have occurred to negate all you great dreams and hopes. You shall yet see that behind the scenes has been silently and effectively working for your security and ultimate blessedness. You will be quite astounded by what he is to bring about so trust even when things look black and seemingly uninterpretable!

Thought for the Day


If you are to really accomplish for your Lord  and His kingdom of any real and lasting worth, it will require complete surrender to Him of yourself in everything and at all times. Someone once asked General Booth when the Salvation Army was born. His reply was simply this: “When I said Jesus Christ could have all there is of William Booth”. The terms have not changed through the passage of time. Your Saviour, Lord and Master still demands not part but the whole of your being, gifts, time, money, yes, everything. He knows whether this obtains. He cannot be deceived in any way. As you surrender all to Him so you will discover Him as All in All. He will reward your total and willing submission by making sure He is with you always and by taking care of every eventuality you face. The wealth of Himself and heaven you will be yours and a lasting mark will be made in life and testimony for Him. You cannot afford not to Surrender to Him!

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

I’ve read the last page of the Bible. It’s all going to turn out all right.


A PROPHETIC WORD – 2 Samuel 7:8-29

The word of the Lord into this situation was remarkable because whilst David was thinking of constructing a marvellous sanctuary for Him, the Lord had something more in mind than a material building. He not only reminded him of His outstanding goodness with regard to his past, a forecast of immense worth is made concerning his house for the future. The Lord states in v11 – “the Lord tells you that He will make you a house.” He has a major prospect in view that will exceed that of the fantastic Temple that was to be raised to and for Him. As far as God was concerned ‘a house’ really means a household of people, and in this instance, a royal dynasty.

The prophetic word truly is about the divine household that would arise through the Messiah coming through David’s lineage. When Christ was born it was specifically mentioned that He was of the genealogy and seed of David – Matthew 1:1. He came to establish a new and greater Kingdom and household than David accomplished. Through His birth, life, death and resurrection Christ has brought into being a Royal Family and Household that is to be of a spiritual and eternal nature – Ephesians 2: 19; John 1: 11-13. What’s under construction today is the household of God. Through faith in Christ, each Christian believer becomes a vital unit of this family that is to be the awesome dwelling place of the Lord.

What the Lord spoke to David historically and prophetically is now fulfilled in us who believe in Christ. We do not have to glory in some magnificent earthly dwelling place made for God, because, in point of truth and fact, we are His home. 1 Peter 2: 5 teaches, “You also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house” thus highlighting our position – see also 1 Corinthians 6: 20. Know today that we are His household and He lives and works amongst us.





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