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Aug 22nd

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A GOLDEN PROMISE from the Bible


A Daily Promise


Guided as to Real  Inward Change – Gen 35

The moment had come when it was essential that Jacob should go through dynamic, spiritual change. For many years the Lord had showed utmost grace and patience and  had been very kind to Jacob. So he is directed to go to Bethel, the place where the Lord had previously met with him to start him off on his relationship with him – vv1, 6. But the man really required a bigger work in him. He was not only to have a name change but nature too reflected in the new name, Israel – prince with God – vv9,10. He marked and sealed the event knowing he was into something better and bigger – vv14,15. The Lord does put up with your foibles and failures for quite a while, but He has in mind and providence when there has to be a thorough inward change. It is possible that it is now, at this point, when He is giving new aspirations and incentives embodied in a brief word, it could be a new name. You need to be in tune with Him as to what He is about in your life and seek both transformation and conformity to His plans for the rest of your pilgrim journey.


If Moses, David, Peter and others could succeed after their failures, so can you. Though you may have been shocked and shamed by what has happened to you, it is possible through the grace and goodness to move on from such and to achieve tremendous things that far outdo and outshine any failure and disappointment that has occurred. Do not dwell and live on the negative factor but know that the Lord is with you to stir, empower and to cut out a greater course and achieve some very noble work. Of course, learn from the mistakes and errors made, but in wisdom, dynamic and purpose believe you will in and through Christ the extraordinary. At least you are alive and have the opportunity to have a further go and proceed to great attainment that will give you pleasure and God praise.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Charles Hadden Spurgeon

A dark cloud is no sign that the sun has lost his light; and dark black convictions are no arguments that God has laid aside His mercy.


WORTHY DESIRE – 2 Samuel 7: 1-17

When God’s servant did some sound reflection he sensed how wonderful the Lord had been to him. Early in his life he had spent most of his days in the fields and hills of Bethlehem caring for sheep. He had the heavens for a cover and the Lord as His great aid and helper. How things had changed! He was now king and dwelling in the Holy City in a beautiful residence! He had been miraculously preserved and wonderfully provided for. In pondering the Lord’s goodness he began to think of where the Lord was housed. A tent was not good enough for His Lord.

The prophet was sent for and agreed with David’s sentiments encouraging him to get on with the divine enterprise. However, the Lord had something to say on the issue that was quite revealing. He made it known that He had been fulfilled by dwelling in the Tabernacle. The humble abode was good enough for Him. The important consideration was that He had been near amongst His people. He had been concerned about getting His people into the Promised Land and into their abodes in order that he might bless them. At no time had He requested a building or fine residence: only their love, devotion and commitment.

The best thing we can do for the Lord is to provide Him a worthy habitation in our hearts. It is the place where He wants to and loves to dwell. All the ornate edifices built to Him are nothing to His extraordinary residence in the humble and believing heart. A Temple was to be built of exquisite worth by Solomon for Him but even which is nothing in comparison to Him coming, living and making Himself known in the being of one sanctified wholly by Christ.





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