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Aug 21st – 2016

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Rev. E. Anderson





A Daily Promise

Guided to Move On – Gen 31

Jacob’s time with his uncle Laban and family had not been easy. It had been a toughening up exercise and experience. He had been blessed by the Lord but now it was time to move on and take a great step of faith. This was to be a real challenge – “Go back to the land of your fathers . . .” –v3. Was he up to and for it? He takes the risk under subterfuge to positively respond and discovers the Lord can manage Laban and his sons, and even an Esau down the track. He was to launch out on his own and trust the Lord. It could be at this time that the Lord is directing you into fresh movement that calls for love, faith and obedience. Don’t hesitate or fail to respond to His summons because He has an expansion programme in mind and you must be up for it. They may seem to be unchartered waters but he is charge and will providentially guide and provide all way and take care of the emergencies.

Thought for the Day 


The days and months ahead of you need to be one of great fulfilment. Because you have a great Father who has already done great things for you, and having Christ and the Holy Spirit indwelling in you, there shall be an entering into and experiencing some choice things that will make you grow and make you most useful and fruitful. What has already been wrought in the past is but the preparation for something infinitely more. You have been pruned and sanctified in order to attain this next stage of abounding grace and blessing. It is a matter of fruit, more fruit and much fruit. So let your faith and expectation begin to abound as you sense that this is the time for real progress and success in and through your Lord. This is your year of fulfilment in every way.

QUOTES TO NOTE – Dr. Billy Graham

The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.


GETTING THINGS RIGHT – 2 Samuel 6: 12-23

One thing registered in David’s favour: he was prepared to be taught a lesson. In a becoming manner the Lord quietly and effectively rebuked him and he took it on the chin. On discovery of what was occurring in the home where he had left the ark, he was chastened in heart and sensed he must have got matters wrong. Instead of being further angry with the Lord, he softened and knew he must attend to divine detail if the ark was to arrive in the Holy City.

He humbled himself and made sure that he did it the only way it should be done. Of course, there were the crowds of people; gladness and sacrificing, but above all, the priests safely carried the ark on their shoulders. There was nothing now to fear because all was in divine accord. Everyone was delighted; the Lord was being honoured, especially by David. He was very generous by making sure every individual had something choice to eat and drink. He then was so excited that he began to dance before the Lord with all his might. He was pleased with the Lord!

Make certain that in all you do that all is in agreement with His desire and design. Do not attempt at short cuts or personal novelty to achieve God’s plan and procedure. The best way you can please Him and know His presence and blessing in an even greater way is by seeing to it that all accords with His revealed word. Do what is acceptable to Him and you will not only be accepted, but also greatly blessed.




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