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ernest (2)July 8th – 2016

Rev. E. Anderson



Welcome to this Christian Website which has now been going for a number of years. Over 135,000 people have visited it since 2006. On the left hand side of the introductory page is a host of subjects and material that have been placed during this time and is there for your interest, study and perusal.

I feel it is time and right to change the format and to present day by day something a little simpler and trust will benefit and bless those who visit it. It will consist of A Golden Promise from the Scriptures, Wisdom that Works by Bob Stevenson, Choice Quotations and daily Meditations, working through the whole Bible, something to focus your mind on are included that can be developed more fully by you. I trust you will find such refreshing and helpful.


“Yahweh appeared of old to me, saying, Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn you” Jeremiah 31:3

What does it mean for God to love us with an everlasting love? My dear friend, Jack Winter, once told me that being loved with an everlasting love meant that there was never a time in all eternity when I wasn’t loved. I was loved before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:3-6), I was loved when I was knit together in my mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13), and I was loved on the day I was born (Psalm 71:6).

Jesus carried this revelation of His Father’s eternal love deep within His being. There was absolutely no question that He knew that His Father had always loved Him. In John 17:24, in His High Priestly prayer to His Father, He makes a very important declaration…

Father, I desire that they also whom you have given me be with me where I am, that they may see my glory, which you have given me, for you loved me before the foundation of the world. (WEB) This was the most important thing on Jesus’ radar. That He was loved by the Father with an everlasting love.

The reality is that we have all been loved as much as Jesus has been loved by the Father (John 17:23), even from the very foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4-6). I believe the more that we become aware of how much love our Father lavishes on us (1 John 3:1), the more we will become convinced that nothing in all creation will ever separate us from that amazing love (Romans 8:38-39).

The truth is that our Father not only loves you, He IS loving you right now. It is my prayer that today, we all might be more aware of the intense, eternal, immeasurable love that God loves us with yesterday, today and forever!


POOREST OF THE POOR – Rev. Bob Steveson

“Rich men are conceited but their real poverty is evident to the poor”.

Read: Proverbs 28:11

This Proverb brought immediately to my mind the declaration which the Apostle Paul makes in 2 Corinthians 6:9-10 as follows, ‘As unknown and yet well know, as dying and behold we live, as chastened and yet not killed, as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing, as POOR, YET MAKING MANY RICH, as having NOTHING, yet POSSESSING all things’.

Material wealth is a relative thing. Having visited India and many other third world countries you soon get confirmation of this fact. Although our family consider ourselves to be people of modest means, once transplanted into the Indian subcontinent, we immediately become the wealthy westerners. Yet, even in that environment, I have met folk who have nothing in material terms but have had an abundance of the real stuff of life.

On occasions you do come across those poor individuals who are just the opposite of what we have described, they have everything but in reality they have nothing worth valuing by eternal standards. What makes some of them really obscene is the conceit with which they display their abundance, not realizing that they themselves are truly poverty stricken.

Give me those who are rich in faith any day, whether rich or poor, any other wealth is doomed for the waste bin anyway — given enough time!

QUOTES TO NOTEAlbert Schweitzer

A man is truly ethical only when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives.



We shall be meditating on a number of Psalms in the forthcoming weeks, many that are David’s composition and well known to us, besides others, too. This is known as the preface psalm and indicates it is foundational to all the others that follow. It is an introduction and reveals what is to be the real basis of life if we are to know God and enjoy a blessed relationship with Him. Right at the outset it advocates the divine requirement for a righteousness that is birthed and developed by obedience to God and his Word. His pure directions for life and living are contained in His law and such has to be meditated on continually, day and night.

The blessed consequence of this procedure of life makes a person, as described In v3 – “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” This is an encouraging promise given to those who will act in accordance with God’s revealed word. Those who walk righteously are assured a state of permanence, beauty and prosperity and many other things beside. What a wonderful thing to be evergreen and ever fruitful! It is better than being like chaff soon to disintegrate and disappear!

Take time to take this Psalm on board, into your mind and memory. Learn it off by heart and ponder its message continually. What is stated will surely come to pass in the realm of life and experience. The Lord desires to see you make good in this life and to become a permanent standing witness to others around you of what it means to be richly blessed because of your faith and obedience to His Word. His plan is that you will become fruitful and abiding.





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