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ernest kitchenMay 18th – 2016

Rev. E. Anderson


Welcome to this Christian Website which has now been going for a number of years. Over 130,000 people have visited it since 2006. On the left hand side of the introductory page is a host of subjects and material that have been placed during this time and is there for your interest, study and perusal.

I feel it is time and right to change the format and to present day by day something a little simpler and trust will benefit and bless those who visit it. It will consist of A Golden Promise from the Scriptures, Wisdom that Works by Bob Stevenson, Choice Quotations and daily Meditations, working through the whole Bible. something to focus your mind on are included that can be developed more fully by you. I trust you will find such refreshing and helpful.


“All your children shall be taught of Yahweh;  and great shall be the peace of your children” – Isaiah 54:13

In today’s promise, we read how the Lord says that He will be faithful to teach our children His ways and give them great peace. For those of us who have children, this promise is very dear. God is a family man (so to speak). It was His idea to create a family structure where we would all be fruitful and multiply and have dominion throughout the earth – Genesis 1;28

His eyes are on our children and He promises to teach them His ways and to give them great peace. My wife and I have three adult children, one son-in-law and a little grand daughter. As any parent would, we desire for them to know the Lord’s ways and live a peaceful life. When I read today’s promise, my father (and grandfather’s) cries out ‘yes and amen!’

Whether your children are experiencing the fulfillment of this promise or not, don’t give up. Keep praying for them and believing that our Father’s heart is to bless our children more than we would want them to be blessed. May God give each one of us the grace to trust Him with the loving care of our kids. Our Father is indeed a family man and He will be faithful to watch over our children!


APPETITE – Rev. Bob Stevenson

“My son, honey whets the appetite and so do wisdom! When you enjoy becoming wise, there is hope for you! A bright future lies ahead”.

Read: Proverbs 24: 13- 14

Appetite is a wonderful faculty which brings us health and vitality far beyond the delights of culinary satisfaction. Appetite is what makes us ready to sit down to a hearty meal and enjoy every minute of our eating experience. Appetite is that spark of desire deep within us which makes the intake of our food and beverages such a satisfying activity.

The loss of appetite is the first sign of that dreadful malady which besets the ladies especially — anorexia nervosa. In an effort to stay trim and shapely they starve themselves to a point of the complete loss of appetite, and even worse, to a positive aversion for food of any sort.

It is the same with the quest for wisdom. You have to have an appetite for it. Once you have had a taste of the good things that the application of some simple wisdom can bring into your life, just like honey, you get an appetite for more.

So, when it comes to applied wisdom and common sense, be sure to maintain a healthy appetite for it. Whatever happens, resist the encroachment of any anorexic mentality toward wisdom and you will be sure of a bright future full of optimistic hope and satisfying health.

A QUOTE TO NOTE – Abraham Lincoln

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.


TAKEN CARE OF – Ruth 2: 4-23

The owner of the field arrived on the scene, Boaz – v4. He appeared to be a God inspired man as can be seen in his greetings to his work force – “The Lord be with you.” It was in point of fact saying, the Lord bless you. This shows that he wanted to witness God’s grace and goodness upon those in his employment. This inward wholesome motivation of being was not lost on those who gladly and lovingly served him in his family enterprise.

When he observed Ruth he noted there was a new person present and made an inquiry as to her identity. He had heard all about her and was impressed. So he went out of his way to see that she was fully covered and catered for. There was to be full provision and protection so that every need was answered. Ruth was beginning to discover that Israel’s God was big enough to attend to everything. What a word Boaz gave her in v12! – “The Lord recompense your work …”

We have no need to be over-concerned either. The Lord has assured us that He will more than answer the demands that will be our lot in our today and in all of our tomorrows. The promise could not be more sure: “My God will supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” – Philippians 4: 19. God is not short in ways, means and people to work for and in our interests as occasions arises. He knows how to work in an efficient manner to make sure that everyone of His children are wholly taken care of at all times. Trust Him to answer the situation and as you do your part He will not fail.



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