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Dec 9th – 2015
Rev. E. Anderson

Welcome to this Christian Website which has now been going for a number of years. Over 130,000 people have visited it since 2006. On the left hand side of the introductory page is a host of subjects and material that have been placed during this time and is there for your interest, study and perusal.

I feel it is time and right to change the format and to present day by day something a little simpler and trust will benefit and bless those who visit it. It will consist of A Golden Promise from the Scriptures, Wisdom that Works by Bob Stevenson, Choice Quotations and daily Meditations, working through the whole Bible. something to focus your mind on are included that can be developed more fully by you. I trust you will find such refreshing and helpful.


“When my father and my mother forsake me, then Yahweh will take me up” – Psalm 27:10

It was King David who wrote Psalm 27 and penned the words “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up” (KJV). David was called a man after God’s own heart and had a revelation of God’s intimate love that was greater than any mother’s or father’s love.

We don’t read much about David’s relationship with his parents other than the fact that his father Jesse, neglected to bring David in from the field when the prophet Samuel was looking to anoint a king from one of Jesse’s boys. I don’t know if this was an indication of the relationship that David had with his father or not, but for whatever the reason, David knew that the Lord would always receive him whether his earthly parents did or not.

In a generation where nearly 50% of the homes in Western nations will end up in divorce, this promise is really, really important. No matter what happens in our relationship with our own parents, our God and Father will receive us with His arms open wide. May the Holy Spirit give each one of us a deeper revelation of this truth today.

STRIFE OR ARGUMENT – Rev. Bob Stevenson

Read: Proverbs 13:9,10

“The good mans life is full of light. The sinners road is dark and gloomy. Pride leads to arguments; be humble, take advice, and become wise”.

There is a point that can be reached when trying to convince somebody about some deeply held conviction you may have, when we cross over the line of rational debate and begin to take on an adversarial stance.

Sometimes it can be our emotions which override our reason. Sometimes it can be a sense of frustration at the other persons seeming unwillingness to see things our way. And sometimes it’s a case of our pride getting hurt or offended and then we begin to get into an argument which eventually doesn’t do anyone any good. Pride expresses itself in all kinds of ways, but whatever the guise, its motivation usually springs out of a disposition which resents being opposed or contradicted.
It’s a kind of attitude that comes across as self-opinionated and implacable, a kind of ‘know it all’ approach which makes it virtually impossible to see or accept another‘s point of view.

It’s this pride of having to be ‘right’ about everything, which has the effect of putting an impregnable barrier around you which nobody can penetrate.

Be careful not to let pride be the demon which destroys you or at least imprisons you in an atmosphere of strife and contention.

Desmond Tutu

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

But God can only smile because only God can know what is coming next.

A GRAND REUNION – Genesis 33

Isn’t it a great feeling when something you dread does not happen and it is replaced by the opposite emotion of favour and pleasure? This is what really occurred for Jacob. Instead of being threatened and done evil to by Esau, he is overwhelmingly greeted and valued! When you realize how these two parted, with a dark cloud truly hanging over their relationship, Jacob from the natural standpoint had every reason to be worried and anxious. Were it not for the Lord, things could well have been to his personal ruin and end. He would have been no match for his twin brother with all the manpower at his disposal.

There is no doubt that the Lord had worked on and in him, softening him up and causing him to change in his thoughts and attitudes. He had silently and effectively operated behind the scenes tempering Esau and making him ready for this encounter. Instead of hatred and bitterness there would be peace, good-will and harmony in manifestation. It would turn out to be a memorable occasion and one that would be worth recording. What a verse that describes it: “And Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him: and they wept” – v5. Contrast this with Genesis 27: 41 and it is possible to gauge the miracle the Lord had wrought in Esau.

It has to be remembered that the Lord is able to make our enemies to be at peace with us. Have you a strained and difficult relationship with somebody and there is bad feeling existent? By prayer and wise movement, under divine inspiration and guidance, you can see that healed so that peace will prevail. Do not allow the negative to rule but seek a restoration of relationship that will prove both pleasurable and profitable. The Lord will help you in this! The renewed accord will also serve to mutual advantage in the future and receive divine approval.



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