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Sept 3rd – 2015
Rev. E. Anderson

Welcome to this Christian Website which has now been going for a number of years. Over 128,000 people have visited it since 2006. On the left hand side of the introductory page is a host of subjects and material that have been placed during this time and is there for your interest, study and perusal.

I feel it is time and right to change the format and to present day by day something a little simpler and trust will benefit and bless those who visit it. It will consist of a Prophetic Word for Today, A Golden Promise from the Scriptures, Just a Thought by Aaron Linford. Choice Quotations and something to Focus your mind on are included that can be developed more fully by you. I trust you will find such refreshing and helpful.


You were made to enjoy heights of fellowship with your LORD and to live in the heavenly realms. Having quickened you to divine life, He has brought you into a new world of light and life and desires that you move in it with authority and blessing. Do not be intimidated by the natural and evil realm around but soar into your new living place and enjoy all the spiritual blessings that are to be discovered there. They are of infinite value and will do you more good than chasing after the things and honours of the lower region. As you dwell in the highest you will know the untold delights of this wondrous habitation and as you progress will become more appealing and satisfying. It is where God’s kings dwell in His kingdom and this is now your new domain. So rise and live there in all its fullness.


“The God who made the world and all things in it, he, being Lord of heaven and earth, doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands, neither is he served by men’s hands, as though he needed anything, seeing he himself gives to all life and breath, and all things” – Acts 17: 24,25

In today’s promise, we read the Scripture passage where the Apostle Paul is speaking to some Greek philosophers on a place called Mars Hill. In this place of pagan worship, they had many false gods that they erected statues and monuments to.

Paul, being the relevant kind of guy that he was, stopped at a simple monument created for ‘the unknown god’. It was there that Paul began to reveal some of the mysteries about who the ‘unknown god’ actually was. Paul went on to preach the good news to these philosophers and revealed that the unknown god was actually the only true God. I love how Paul creatively shared how God does not need to be worshipped through statues and idols because He is the very One that gives life and breath to all things!

The truth is that our God is not unknown and nameless. If we want to know what He is like, all we have to do is look at His Son, Jesus Christ. In John 14:9, Jesus says that anyone who has seen Jesus has seen the Father. Hebrews 1:3 says that Jesus is the exact representation of the Father’s being.


Rev. Bob Stevenson

“For you closed your eyes to the facts and did not choose to reverence and trust the Lord, and you turned your back on me, spurning my advice . . . . . For you turned away from me – to death; your own complacency will kill you”.
Read: Proverbs 1: 29-33
The old familiar Australian comment that is made when things are not going too well is, “She’ll be right mate!” This might well be an excellent trigger for some encouragement during hard times – and many there have been for the early settlers in this youngster of a nation, Australia.

But such a phrase can also be the aphrodisiac of a complacency that could eventually kill you. Maybe you won’t get killed physically, although that is not impossibility, but there will be a certain measure of decay mentally, emotionally, socially and definitely spiritually.

Whatever the measure of decay it might be, complacency will rob you of the peace, safety and security that is rightfully yours as a child of God.

Here are some negatives that need to be avoided like the plague when it comes to the getting of wisdom. Whatever happens don’t close your eyes to the facts and allow sentimentality to guide you. Be sure you don’t discard your healthy respect for the Lord and His word. Don’t turn your back on God and be sure not to spurn good advice. Don’t insist on having your own way and in so doing allow the errors of your own wrong choices to cause you to be tagged, a fool.


Our cares we can cast on Thee, for Thou carest for us. How can we be troubled about the future road, since it belongs to Thee? How can we be troubled where it leads, since it finally but leads us to Thee. – John Henry Neuman

The mind that is anxious about the future is miserable. – Seneca

All that we have learned, felt, and thought, all our experience from birth to now; all the love that nourished us at other times, all the yearnings rooted in our spirits-all these are with us as we move into the unknown way. -Thurman



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