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August 4th – 2015
Rev. E. Anderson

Welcome to this Christian Website which has now been going for a number of years. Over 128,000 people have visited it since 2006. On the left hand side of the introductory page is a host of subjects and material that have been placed during this time and is there for your interest, study and perusal.

I feel it is time and right to change the format and to present day by day something a little simpler and trust will benefit and bless those who visit it. It will consist of a Prophetic Word for Today, A Golden Promise from the Scriptures, Just a Thought by Aaron Linford. Choice Quotations and something to Focus your mind on are included that can be developed more fully by you. I trust you will find such refreshing and helpful.


Live in the faith-knowledge that your future is settled by the Lord both now and eternally. Each day spent by you on earth is planned and superintended by Him who loves you and is altogether wise and able so that you have no need to fear or panic what today or tomorrow holds. As far as the eternal ages are concerned, all this is purposed by Him, too, and He will deliver on the issue. The LORD did say to His disciples: “Fear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. Such is extended to you. Because your heavenly Father is the best you will experience the best even now and as far as eternity is concerned you will enter into enjoy the best forever. So learn to enjoy your LORD and enjoy His blessings!


“For the word of Yahweh is right. All his work is done in faithfulness”– Psalm 33:4

If I would make a promise to my children and they would question the integrity of what I promised, that would hurt me deeply. As a father, it is my hope that my children would have confidence in my character and my word. If they doubted what I said, then I would feel that they question the very core of who I am.

I believe that the foundation of any relationship is trust. If there is no trust, then the relationship is on shaky ground. In today’s promise, the Psalmist is singing praises to God and makes the declaration that the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth. The NLT Bibles says Psalm 33:4 this way… For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything he does.

If we struggle to believe that God’s word is true, then we are in effect doubting God’s very character. Every time we question God’s Word or His goodness, we are agreeing with the father of lies and the continual accusations he brings against God. Just as this would hurt an earthly father, I believe that it deeply grieves the Father of Lights.

JUST A THOUGHT by Aaron Linford

“Gather up the fragments”, said Jesus after feeding 5,000 with bread and fish, “that nothing be lost” (John 6:12). Why should He who fed a multitude with miracle food care for crumbs? But He does.

And what benefits come from fragments! First, we learn from this to make the best of what God gives. He is prodigal in His supply, but we must be provident in our service.
“Fragments” If we utilised our wasted seconds how soon would they add up to hours? If we mark our spending, how soon could “a penny well spent be a pound saved”?

“Fragments” Some of the most beautiful relics of Ancient Rome are mosaics. Have you ever examined excavated remains of Roman architecture? Mosaics were a prominent feature. Yet they are composed of tiny scraps of pottery. Broken bits of smashed-up urns and other vessels — useless cast-offs – are patterned into exquisite forms. Portraits and designs are fixed by cement into delightful pictures. What a parable! God is taking up scraps of “broken earthenware” to build up a marvellous Temple for Himself. And the cement is His love and grace.

“Fragments” A Salvation Army Corps made a special effort to support a mission station in Africa. A grandma made a patchwork quilt — bits of cloth sewn together. Smilingly the Captain sent it without other gifts. A troublesome chief chose it as his robe of honour. And so my friend stitch your bits together with skill and charity, and who knows what those fragments will do?


“A good example is far better than a good precept” – D.L. Moody

“Where one man reads the Bible, a hundred read you and me” – D.L. Moody

“Our example is the only bible which millions of people read today” – James E. Murray


“Now listen, you who say “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city spend a year there, carry on business and make money. ” Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that. “As it is, you boast and brag. All such boasting is evil” -0 James 4:13-16 T

A group of Hebrew businessmen are having an evening strategy session. Maps of the Roman Empire are spread out in front of them in the candlelit room. The atmosphere is similar to the electricity present when a twenty-first-century entrepreneur and his board of directors meet to discuss growth opportunities. One fellow leans over, points at the city of Philippi, and says, “I’ll spend the next year here.” Another puts his finger on another growth market and says, “I’m going to Ephesus tomorrow.”

This mind-set, which apparently was just as real in New Testament times as it is in today’s entrepreneurial, expanding marketplace, deeply concerned James. His warning is clear: God does not frown upon planning, but He does frown when He sees a man who considers himself to be secure without God.

James wasn’t opposed to smart business strategy; he was opposed to cavalier boasting about the future. The businessmen in the candlelit room made presumptions about their time and their schedules. They presumed that there actually would be a tomorrow, when in reality, nobody can guarantee that tomorrow will ever come. They presumed about their ability and mobility when they said, “We will go.” They presumed about their success of their work when they said, “This is what will happen; this is the guaranteed result and outcome.”
What kind of presumptions are you making in your life? Do you have your whole future planned out, or are you willing to let God set the agenda for you?



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