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David L'Herroux

Rev. David L’Herroux

Daniel L’Herroux has a passion to see the nations transformed one airwave at a time. We caught with the Chief executive of UCB to find out how he plans to do it.

David L’Herroux is a goliath of a ’ businessman, not that you’d know it to look at him. In fact, you have to peer past the Frenchman’s diminutive stature to the acumen within to understand just why David is leading such a significant institution.

“I was invited by UCB some years ago to actually do an interview,” he recalls.
”l came to do the interview, and they understood that I was leading a ministry called Book of Hope, which is now called One Hope. They were very interested in the publications that we had and we started to partner with one another. One day, the founder of UCB, Ian Mackie, and I met.

“UCB had a clear desire is to work among the youth which One Hope targets. One day God spoke very clearly to Ian and said, ‘Why reinvent the wheel?’ So we merged One Hope UK with UCB. The only way that could have happened was by a word from God. In 2007 we integrated the ministries and now we try to reach as many young people as we can around the nations with the power of God’s Word.”

Over five million copies of Book of Hope — which tells the gospel story in contemporary language — have been distributed since its launch in 1997.

David’s original interview was about his stunning rise from being a cleaner at a local Littlewoods to heading the discount chain. It is a life story that might make for script material, which is fitting since he’s directed his attention firmly towards the power of media since arriving at UCB.

Through all their many endeavours — in print, on radio and TV and online — UCB reached nearly three million people last year. For David, this success is evidence of the huge potential of modern media to spread the message of the gospel.

“We live in a very exciting day!” he ex- plains. “The 21st Century is a new world, dominated by multi—platform communication. Where we communicate to people is very different now. Therefore, to me the excitement is that through the power of media, we can actually reach places that we could never reach before.”

Indeed lounges offices an waiting rooms around the nation have invited the Christian witness of UCB in.

“l think we are privileged as we are en- trusted by the listeners in the sense that they are actually inviting us in, instead of us inviting them to church. They have invited us into the privacy of their homes to listen to what we offer.
What we have — we believe — is the answer to the world today.”

What is clear as David speaks is that he really loves his job. The enthusiasm with which he unpacks the potential of modern media to tell the story of Christianity is infectious.



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