meet the christian ministers


Rev. Steve and Helen Peach

Our Pastors Steve & Helen Peach have a heart to reach the people of Tipton for Christ.
Pastor Steve moved to Tipton in 2000 and has a passion and a heart to reach out to the town, originally from a small village called Pelsall, he says “Tipton and its people are fantastic I’ve fell in love with the town and consider Tipton my home town”.

Pastor Helen has always lived in Tipton and grew up in and around Tipton so has a personal love for the people and the town of Tipton.

God has given Pastor Steve a vision for the church of seeing churches in Tipton join together as Gods house and take the gospel to the people through outreach and by being active in the community.

They live local and have two girls Jessica & Georgia and one boy Kieran, they have a passion to serve God and build and educate people

Mark 16:15 Jesus Commands us:
“Go into the world and preach the Gospel”

Our Vision is to go and share Jesus with Tipton, the Black Country, The Nation and The Nations! Sharing His love and grace through our lives and testimonies of what He has done. Psalm 92:13:”Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts or
our God”

It is our passion here at TCC to encourage men, women and children from all sorts of backgrounds to discover and experience the plans that God has for their lives. To encourage them to come to church and discover their true potential in life, by being planted in Gods house and experiencing His Love, His Grace and His Blessings!

If your not part of a church or have not been to church for a while we would love to invite you here to Tipton Christian Church. Or maybe you would just like to pop in sometime to see what goes on here at TCC, our meet and greet team will gladly welcome you and give you any information you need about the Church.

We Hope To Here From You Soon, God Bless!


Tipton Christian Church is to reach out to all people of all cultures and all backgrounds with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
To support, love, teach and empower them through the Word of God in order for them to live successful lives for God, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and socially.

This mission is being done through:

Local Church services that are Bible based and Spirit led
Supporting ministries that teach, train and encourage a Biblical lifestyle
Supporting and working with home and overseas missions outreach ministries children’s ministries, helping them to develop socially, physically and Spiritually. Working with local schools, supporting them socially and in education

Supporting the hurting and needy of our community by:

Working with the local council along with local agencies and community groups to help meet the need of the local community
Providing a food bank for those with a real need
Providing financial advice for those struggling with debt
Providing professional counselling for those with emotional difficulties, where they will be encouraged and supported

Encouraging people socially and in education by:

Working with local agencies and residents to clean up streets and local estates
Providing work shops and education training so as people can develop and reach their full potential.



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