just a thought


Rev. Aaron Linford

Our Lord spoke of an unclean spirit leaving a man to wander. It returns, finds the “house empty, swept and garnished”, and reoccupies its former abode with “seven other spirits more wicked than himself” (Matt 12:43-45). The first lesson is that mere reformation is not enough, only generation, whereby the Holy Spirit enters the life, can secure the soul.

Another lesson. The devil rushes into every vacated area of human life unless it is occupied by spiritual good.

Beware those who talk of “emptying the mind of all thought or emotion”. This is the basic element of transcendental meditation. The result? Evil powers take over, the vacuum is filled. But Christian Meditation is filling the mind “My meditation of Him shall be sweet” (Ps 104:34) and the mind, being inspired with adoration for Jesus will resolve itself to worship. The door is thus bolted against evil. ‘Looking unto Jesus” (Heb 12:2) is a safely-lock the combination of which Satan will never know. Our hearts are safe from evil.

And a vital aid to this is to “meditate in God’s law day and light” (Ps 1:2). Thus “the counsel of the ungodly can have no place, for the mind and heart are filled with thoughts of God. Any stray thought are brought under captivity to Christ” (2 Cor 10:5). Our mind is “Not to let”.


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