Rev. Aaron Linford

Life is full of trouble. Storms of passion, tempests of temptation, tornadoes of misfortune molest us all. Eliphas was right: “Man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7). You’ve said it, brother!

Our Lord confirms this at the close of His “Sermon on the Mount” (Matt 7:24-27). Where all, both “wise” and “foolish” are beset with storms. The trials were from three elements. RAIN, equals trials from above. God tests us to prove us (cf Gen 22:1 ): FLOODS, trials from below – the enemy often “comes in like a flood” (Isa 59:19) the devil is prime tempter of men: WINDS, from all quarters of the human situation that surrounds us – peer-pressure, persecution, deception, theft, neglect. What a weight of woes hurled against the sons and daughters of men!

But we can withstand them all if we take the essential safeguard. Jesus said, “Build on my words and you will be secure”, for if the infra-structure is sound, the superstructure will be safe.

The only life worth living is that which is built on divine standards. The elements of evil cannot overthrow the one who by faith relies on God’s word.



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