just a thought


Rev. Aaron Linford

When Mary of Bethany poured a flask of expensive ointment on the feet of Jesus, His disciples were shocked. “To what purpose is this waste”? they said (Matt 26:8). But John gives us another angle to this event. He points out that Judas Iscariot, who led the protest, had himself embezzled the apostolic funds. Critics should beware lest their own defects crush their criticisms.
“Waste”? Much depends on your system of values. There are times where money doesn’t matter. Woe to those whose only reckoning is in terms of cash. What did it matter that the equivalent of a year’s wages was expended; this was an act of adoration, and who can measure worship by wealth!

“Waste”? It happened that Mary saw more deeply than the rest: she knew that crucifixion was near, and anointed her Lord beforehand for His burial. Nicodemus loaded expensive spices on the dead body of Jesus, she gave Him her best while He was still alive. lt was a memorable act.

‘Waste”? Even today the world cannot understand the life- style of lovers of the Lord Jesus. Dr Albert Schweitzer achieved greatness as theologian, philosopher, musician and doctor. When he went to Lamberene in darkest Africa the world of science bemoaned his loss, his talents buried in an outlandish place. But he chose to minister to neglected nobodies. The world could not understand, but Jesus did, and this noble missionary stands high in the list of those who loved the Lord more than wealth, fame orsuccess.


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