great stories


Rev. E. Anderson

A disturbed night saves a life.

My mother had been haunted by the same dream for five nights in a row. She described it to me as I took her to the hospital for an operation to relieve a slipped disc.

‘It’s snowing,’ she said. ‘In the distance I can see headlights approaching. When they come close, I recognize a hearse. It stops in front of me. A door opens and the driver motions me inside . . .’

Against her wishes, I told Mum’s doctors and nurses about the dream so they would be sensitive to her fears about the operation.

Before dawn on the day of her surgery the snow began to fall. At 7.15 I went to her hospital room to be with her while she was prepared. An orderly came in and I helped him get Mum on the trolley. We were waiting at the lift when a nurse hurried up. ‘The surgery has been cancelled,’ she said. I

Finally, I was able to reach our doctor to find out what was going on. ‘Well, I woke up during the night and couldn’t go back to sleep,’ he said. ‘Something was bothering me. I looked outside and saw the snow. I thought about your mother’s dream. I called the hospital and ordered a second electrocardiogram. It caught a heart condition that didn’t show up on the first one. The lab called the anaesthetist and he cancelled the procedure.’

The doctor hesitated and took a deep breath.

‘If your mother had had the anaesthetic, ‘well .. .’

Later I found out what he did not say then. Under anaesthesia, Mum would have been in grave danger of dying of heart failure.



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