gospel nuggets

Uganda 649

Rev. E. Anderson

The famous British music conductor, Sir Thomas Beecham, didn’t particularly care for the music of composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. Charged with conducting a Williams symphony, Beecham found himself completely bored during rehearsals. At one point, he began mindlessly beating time while his mind went elsewhere.

“For we maintain that a person is justified by faith apart from the works of the law” — ROMANS 3:28

Once he noticed the orchestra had stopped playing, he asked the first violinist, “Why aren’t you playing?” to which the he replied, “It’s finished, Sir Thomas.”

Beecham looked down at his score. Embarrassed he sighed, “So it is.”

Many times in the Christian life, it can be easy to simply ‘go through the motions.’ You go to church, you pray, you read your Bible a few times a week, and you’re left thinking, “Is that it?”

But the answer is “No.” That’s not it! In fact, God has so much more for you in the Christian life than simply a list full of tasks you need to complete. He wants you to have a deep, intimate faith relationship with Him!

Instead of living a task-focused Christian life, which will inevitably lead to boredom, focus your faith on having a vibrant faith relationship with you Saviour. When you go from religion to relationship, you’ll experience joy and excitement in your spiritual life!


Pray and ask God to show you what it means to focus your faith on relationship with Jesus instead of on a list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts.’




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