living devotions


Rev. E. Anderson
Taken from Senior Life Ministries

Science tells us that the body needs on average about three quarts of water a day to operate efficiently. Water helps break up and soften food, making it the most critical chemical in the digestive process. In fact, the blood in your body is about 90% water and carries nutrients throughout the body.

Water cooling agent, water regulates your temperature through perspiration. And without the lubricating properties of water, your joints and muscles would’ve worn out long ago like a piece of old rusty machinery.

Water is the most vital substance for you to have physical life. And in much the same way, the Holy Spirit of God is the single most important ingredient for you to have true spiritual life. Trying to be ‘spiritual’ without the Holy Spirit makes about as much sense as trying to live without water. You simply can’t do it.

The Holy Spirit in your life confirms your place in heaven, as well as empowers you for godly living each and every day. And if you’re in Christ, He’s already inside of you! Live by the Spirit each day and let Him guide you in your walk with Christ.


Thank God for the Holy Spirit and pray that He would help you submit to the Spirit’s work in your life.



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