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Rev. Philip Pye

Luke 18:1 – ‘Men ought always to pray and not give up’

A week last Sunday, the 9th of November, marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Berliners mounting the wall and hacking away at it with picks and hammers became an iconic picture of something that seemed so unchanging and unbending-Communist Eastern Europe-shifting forever. Whilst we recognise there are still issues and tensions, the recent upheavals in Ukraine being a case in point, almost all commentators agree that what took place at that time was a
good thing.

For believers we recognise the spiritual dimension to all this. The situation had caused many to pray over the years, even on occasions defying the sceptical view that nothing would ever alter. Let me give you one example of this:

This year in June Pastor Christian Fuhrer passed away aged 71, though living in Germany all his life his obituary found itself into the pages of the British press. In 1980 Fuhrer began to lead St. Nicholas church in Leipzig then in Eastern Germany where atheism was the official ideology. By 1982 prayer meetings were being held every Monday evening for change in the nation, for several years little more than 50 attended regularly. Then in 1988 a special prayer event took place that proved a catalyst for other prayer contexts and a momentum that ultimately proved unstoppable.

The GDR Secret Police – The Stasi – sought to cordon off the St Nicholas church on Mondays evenings but to no avail. By October 7th of 1989 four thousand people turned out to pray, days later 70,000, and by late October 320,000 came onto the streets for a peaceful prayer vigil, a few days after this the wall began to be toppled!

Pastor Fuhrer said: ‘I will never forget that day, it was a miracle of biblical proportions’. What ‘walls’ do we need to see tumble? Mark Batterson, the leader of a fast growing church in Washington DC said: ‘Prayer is the big difference between you working on God’s behalf and God working on our behalf’

Never give up on prayer, who knows what the Almighty is about to do!



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