miracles and healing testimonies


Dawn Pringle

MS Sufferer leaves Doc Stunned

A mother has spoken of the look of astonishment on her neurologist’s face after she was miraculously healed from multiple sclerosis.

Dawn Pringle, who watched her own mum battle MS, understood it was an incurable disease, but her faith in God’s healing power never wavered.

After being diagnosed in 2009, Dawn’s life became increasingly difficult.

“It was quite scary to start with,” she said. “My mother had it, so I knew I‘d have to go through.

“For me, it was very limiting in terms of what I could do. I went from being able to walk normally to suddenly realising that one of my legs was starting to drag.

“Going up and down pavements, I had to lift my leg rather

“And I would have to stop after ten minutes of walking because my muscles would lose strength.

“Even for things like getting in and out of the car or bath, I had to lift my legs. It was just a constant struggle”.

After receiving the diagnosis, Dawn was preparing to re-visit the hospital and discuss possible treatments to manage the disease, but God had different plans. “I used to go to Aspley Pentecostal Church in Bedfordshire with my mum and sister when I was little,” she said. “So when I saw in our local paper that they were having a healing crusade, that brought me back”.

Although she and her family were regulars at their local Anglican church, she knew that this was an opportunity she could not miss.

“I went forward to be prayed for and I had never felt so much heat, starting from my head, across my face and down my whole body – the power of the Holy Spirit was incredible.

“I felt all my MS symptoms gradually swept out of my feet. My muscles and nerve-ends started to feel stronger. I knew God was miraculously healing me; I just knew it!”

Suddenly Dawn was relishing her hospital appointment to be able to tell the neurologist what had happened.


“I couldn’t wait to see his re-action. So I asked if I could tell him what happened since my diagnosis, and he looked amazed.

“I stioll had to do the tests, but my scoring – which had previously been low – was now perfect! The neurologist couldn’t believe what I was doing! I walked in a straight line and there was no evidence at all of MS behind my eyes, where he expected to see it.

“He signed to discharge me and came out to watch me tell the receptionist I had been discharged. They had never discharged an MS patient before!”




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