great stories


Rev. E. Anderson

Norman Vincent Peale

Persistence made it happen for a young woman with all the odds stacked against her.
A big thought can be one of the strongest forces in the world. I was impressed with that idea all over again when I heard the story of Mary Crowe. ‘
Young Mary was washing her father’s overalls one day when the big thought struck her. ‘

In her mind she saw herself graduating from college in cap and gown, accepting her diploma, ready to start a career.
Since Mary came from a low-income family, her dream seemed out of sight. There would never be enough money to send Mary to college. Besides, no member of her family had ever gone to college. But Mary held on to that thought. In secondary school she studied hard, and spoke freely of her dream to teachers and friends. When her final day at school came, her principal called her into his office.

‘I have an envelope for you,’ he said.

It contained a scholarship to a nearby college. The power of a thought had produced its first dividend. But the scholarship could cover only part of her college expenses. Mary took every part-time job she could find and became a waitress, a housemaid, a cook.

Mary’s dream came true when she graduated from college. Then she took a course in insurance. When she presented herself to a local insurance company for a job, she was turned down. She applied again. The answer was no. She kept going back until the manager, to get rid of her, snapped. ‘All right, here’s a rate book and a desk. But I can’t give you a drawing account or any secretarial help.’

Twenty-five years later Mary Crowe’s associates in that company gathered at a special dinner in her honour, recognizing her for her outstanding achievements as an insurance saleswoman.

‘Each of us is constantly in a state of becoming,’ she said, giving her formula for success. through enthusiasm, prayer and faith you can become what you think. Not that your life will be without problems. But along the way problems will be over- come. Ask and believe; dream and believe; work and believe.’



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