pastor’s weekly thought


Rev. Ian Williams
Robin Hart

Are you focussed on what you are doing for God or are you content just being with Jesus?

As Christians we often think that what we do for Jesus is most important and there is a danger we can latch onto this and make this our purpose and identity in life. The question is, is what you are doing for Jesus distracting you from being with Jesus?

How easily are we distracted in what we do for Jesus? Or what we think we need to do for Jesus? What we ‘do’ can become the be-all in our lives, the reason for our existence, our Christian walk can become all about what we can do, all about the task. Then the task becomes all about us, what other people think, living for other peoples’ approval.

But when you think about it, living a Christian life is not about what we can do but what we can’t do! Because we can’t live without the grace of a forgiving God. Because we continually fail in our own strength. Because we have a human nature. Because we are only made righteous in the likeness of Jesus Christ.

There is always a need for workers in the kingdom. But we must constantly be aware that there is nothing that we do that justifies us in God’s sight, only by recognising that He is our saviour and by sitting at His feet.

In Luke 10:38-42 and John 12:1-3 Martha got caught up in the task of looking after Jesus and doing things for Him. When her sister Mary just wanted to sit at Jesus’ feet or wanted to wash His feet in expensive perfume she got upset.

Mary wanted to sit at Jesus’ feet because she recognised that she needed to remain close to Jesus. She recognised that service did not mean a higher seat at the righteousness table. Only now do we understand that actually there was no service really good enough for Martha to undertake for a God who was prepared to sacrifice His only son for her. But somehow Mary did. In the legalism of the society in which she lived Mary was castigated for wanting just to sit at Jesus’ feet. But she recognised that His words brought life, liberty, freedom and hope. She didn’t want to get distracted, she just wanted to hear Jesus. She wasn’t interested in other peoples’ praise.

Don’t let your passion become a duty. Duty can lead to pride and the burden of fulfilling other peoples’ expectations of you. Instead keep your passion aflame by daily drinking living waters from the source of life itself. Let Jesus’ words bring life to you and don’t let your works for Him distract you from Him.



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