just a thought


Rev. Aaron Linford

This man was a legendary robber who fitted his victims to a bed by stretching them or cutting them to size by lopping off their feet.

We have their mental and moral counterparts today. From a mind-set fixed to rigid ideas, they cut every notion to their static concepts. There is no elasticity, no give, no bend in their philosophy. All must fit their “bed”, or else be trimmed to size.
But this is no new attitude. Peter spoke of those who “wrested…scripture to their own destruction” (2 Peter 3:16). They twist and distort God’s word to fit their own prejudices or whims. What is to an honest reader plain truth, to them is mystic meaning. By subtle (though often obvious) distortion they reduce divine directions to esoteric mysteries, holy writ becomes to them cryptic hieroglyphics.

God meant His word to be understood, a ministrant of grace and help to simple faith. But some use what was intended to expound truth and torture it by squeezing into set philosophical moulds. Peter says that such are “unlearned” that is mentally incompetent, and “unstable”, that is morally weak and unbalanced. Avoid them!



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