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Rev. Aaron Linford


This English classic by Isaac Walton is not only a literary wonder, it is also a guide to the skills and joys of angling.

But the words of Jesus to Peter put fishing into a higher order: “Follow Me, and l will make you fishers of men” (Matt 4:19). Three aspects of this piscatorial art are here emphasised.

First, fishing is the transportation of a creature from one environment to another. In the natural sphere it is death to the fish, in the spiritual sphere it is life on a higher plane.

Secondly, fishing is the art of persuading fish to accept the luring bait. Excepting trawling, fish are caught individually. Spiritual angling is making the Gospel so attractive that sinful men “take the hook” and are netted into the Church.

Thirdly, as in the case of Isaac Walton, so in the spiritual realm fishing is learned by imitating the expert. “Follow Me”, said Jesus. His masterly way of winning souls is an example to us all. With one or with many our Lord’s approach with compassion and wisdom teaches us much about this great ministry. Lovers of Jesus and lovers of men will likewise endeavour to take people alive for God.





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