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Rev. E. Anderson


“To the man who pleases him, Gad gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness.

Ecclesiastes 2:26

Does your work please God? Is your time at work focused on and directed toward Him in an attitude of worship? His commandment is straightforward: “ [H] ave no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). Does He get your full attention, 24/7?

Too often worship is overlooked in our daily lives. At its best, worship is a lifestyle of devotion, reverence, and obedience; at its worst, it is mindless singing on Sunday mornings. How did we manage to rid worship of its biblical meaning? Why are we so oblivious to its rewards?

Wisdom, knowledge, and happiness wait for the one who pleases God. He is, in a sense, easy to please. God is the loving Father watching us, His children, hard at work; intently noticing the details of our actions; revelling in the joy and satisfaction we derive from a job well done; and gently correcting, instructing, and teaching us along the way.

How can we not worship this loving Father? We fail to worship Him because we do not know Him. We do not understand His ways; we do not know His character. We have stopped seeking Him. We have allowed other gods—the gods of work and leisure and myriad other distractions—to steal away our affections.

Worship is not thanking the “man upstairs” after we score a touchdown, receive an award, or nab the last parking spot in an overcrowded lot. Worship is the day- by-day, hour-by-hour acknowledgment of God’s presence. Worship stems in part from the awareness that we labour under His watchful eye and His smiling face. Surely this labour is not in vain.

What can you do today to express your worship to God?




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