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Lindsey Everatt



Lindsey Everatt is a nurse who lives in South Yorkshire

 Who introduced you to Jesus? I was brought up in a Christian home so was introduced to Jesus as a child. I grew up in church where I was taught all about him and surrounded by people who I could see knew him personally. To me, Jesus seemed more like a ‘friend of a friend’ – until I gave my life to him when I was 16. We’ve been best friends ever since!

Has your faith changed the way you treat other people? Definitely, mainly because faith (or should I say God) has changed me. I hear many people say that it doesn’t take faith for an individual to treat people in the right way. As true as that is, I believe that my faith enables me to see people in the way that God sees them. The way God has extended grace, compassion, forgiveness, love and kindness to my life enables me to extend the same to others.

How do you hear God’s voice? God speaks to me differently depend­ing on the season I’m walking though. I mainly hear God’s voice in the day-to-day simple things. My ability to hear him is based upon my relationship with him. By spending time in his presence and asking him to be with me throughout the day, I find that I can hear his still, small voice guiding me through the decisions I have to make. There are times when I need to hear God’s voice for clear direction in a situation. It’s at those times that I find God speaking to me though his Word, listening to teaching or by spending time with others who I know hear from him.

 What do you believe God’s plan for your life is? Can I let you know when I find out!? My walk with God has never been with a particular goal in mind. This has been a frustration of mine over the years because I’m the type of person who likes to have personal targets to work towards, but I have learnt to trust that he knows the plans he has for me.

God has placed passions in my heart for lost, broken, abused and neglected women. I believe that he is going to bring these women into my life and it’s a desire of my heart that he’ll work through me to meet their needs.

 Does going to church on a Sunday make you a Christian, or is there more to it? It doesn’t make me a Christian, but it certainly makes the journey easier! Being a Christian without going to church is like being in a team without going to practice. As much as I believe in turning to God and his Word to learn about who he is and how I should live, I also believe that I can learn so much from other people’s walk with God.

How do you build your faith? I would say that the main way I build my faith is by reading about or listening to stories of people who have experienced God doing the impossible in, through or for them.

I often look for Scripture or listen to teaching which relates to the area where I need my faith to increase. Learning about all that God has done in the past builds my faith for all that he can do in the present.

My experience with God has always been that he places me in situations which test my faith, often to the point where faith is all I have to hold on to. I don’t believe that I can ever reach a limit of faith but that God will continually build my faith by revealing to me glimpse by glimpse who he is.IMG_2282



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