pastor’s weekly thought


Rev. Ian Williams


Robin Hart

Why do you love Jesus? Can you provide a rehearsed answer …an answer you think others will want to hear … or perhaps you can provide a real honest answer, one that really touches your heart. The truth is, what motivates you to do the right thing when you have choices in life is not your interpretation of others’ expectations of you but your own raw honest faith and belief. So understanding why you do what you do and say what you say is important.

Simon Travers spoke yesterday morning on ‘Ten Reasons why I love Jesus’. Here are his ten reasons for you.

1. Jesus is not mechanical. Jesus did not fit others’ expectations of Him. Jesus does the unexpected and values honesty. Get close to Him to know where He is heading.

2. Jesus has enough grace. For you. Regardless of what you have done. He loves you just the way you are. He is not going to desert you.

3 .Jesus doesn’t force. You have no authority to live the life you do from education, position, intellect, expectation, culture, environment or even force. Your authority comes from Jesus and Him alone. You don’t need to look like other people, even other Christians. Your identity comes from Him. You are complete.

4 Jesus is passionate. The world wants the church to be domesticated but we need to grow up to the stature of Jesus Christ. Jesus is passionate about you so wear your heart upon your sleeve.

5. Jesus makes things possible. We belong to the church of the possible. Because you have Jesus you can love your enemies, you can be generous, you can live by not judging others or worrying about being judged.

6. Jesus is faithful. We get things wrong but Jesus persists with us. He perseveres because He is committed to us and because we live under His new covenant with us.

7. Jesus reminds me not to worry. My real nature in Christ is to be loving, joyful and patient. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this.

8. Jesus knows my reality. Sometimes we need to push through in life and sometimes we have to just open our arms to accept His love.

9. Jesus is congruent. Everything flows in the same direction – words match thoughts match deeds.

10. Jesus is with me. My prize is in Jesus, is Jesus. That is enough. There is nothing I can add to my salvation. We have died with Him and now we live with Him.

Try meditating on your ten reasons through this week and thank Jesus for everything He is to you.


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