just a thought


Rev. Aaron Linford


In the incomparable story of “The Prodigal Son” (Luke 15:11-32), the turning point of the wastrel’s restoration occurred when “‘he came to himself”. Up to then he had been “beside himself”, for sin is a form of moral madness. Mind you, it took a dreadful toll of shame and loss to bring him there; but now, hungry and lonely, sitting by the pig-troughs, he reflects on his condition.

The man I was. The once despised home is looked back on as now desirable. He had had his fling; it had flung him into depression and despair. Far from the home he had fled, he was now homesick, longing for lost benefits.

The man I am. He was not only spent up, he was also ashamed. He had gambled – and lost. Now wretched, despised, abandoned, far away from the father who loved him. He had messed up his life, missed its purpose: he was a sinner.

The man I might have been. “If only” is a sad complaint. A little more patience, and concern for others would have saved him from loss, and given him space to mature.

The man l still can be. He went home – blessed turning point. His gracious father restored to him the full status of sonship. Prodigals may still return and find in God a loving Father.





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