illustrations that light up life


Daniel Kolenda


Here’s a true story that I have often shared: It happened to an American soldier in the Vietnam War who was about to step on a landmine that was hidden from his sight His comrade across the battlefield could see the impending disaster from his vantage point. Without regard for his own safety, he stood up from behind his protective barricade and shouted a lifesaving warning to his friend. >In that moment the brave young comrade received a gunshot wound that ended his life.

A couple of years later, at an honorary memorial service in the United States, the soldier whose life had been saved from the landmine had a chance to meet the wife and son of his deceased friend. The son, who was only seven years old, had never gotten a chance to really know his father.

The soldier could tell that this boy’s heart was broken, so he knelt know,” the soldier said, “your father saved my life.” >The little boy looked up at him with tears streaming down his cheeks. “Sir,” he said, “were you worth it?” ‘





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