christian testimony


Stewart Cink

A golfer says becoming a Christian has made him a better husband and father. American Stewart Cink, who lifted the 2009 Open Championship, has become one of the world’s most skilled golfers having spent the last few years in the world top ten ranking.

The 6ft 4in star, who lives in Georgia, used to be obsessed with golf until a friend asked him a very important question.

“I don’t think I saw the church doors for three or four years,” Cink, 40, recalls.
“l took a detour. It wasn’t a Christian detour. I was always at the golf course. One day a friend asked me, ‘lf you died today, would you go to heaven?” The golfing superstar thought he had the answer. “I had a list in my pocket, figuratively, of course,” he says. “Are you a good person? Are you nice to people? I had a checklist that would go on for hours and I, of course, had checked all the right boxes. I had to take a look at the man in the mirror.”

Some six years later Cink surrendered his life to God and decided to become a Christian.

“Though it took me a few years, the most important lesson I ever learned was that the way to heaven leads directly through Jesus Christ and only through him,” he says.

“My relationship with Christ is now the central part of my life. I am a better father to my two boys. I am a better husband to my wife; and I am a better golfer now that the Lord is walking with me in the fairways and through the rough.

“I’ve always relied on my faith really heavily and have never been afraid to talk about that with people — whether it’s media, friends, whatever. And I really believe that’s the rock I have.

“I’ve been through a lot. Anybody that plays golf out here for a long enough time goes through some ups and downs and I’ve been through both of them. And the one thing I always have with me, whether it’s up or down, is my faith.”



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