leadership factors


Rev Philip Pye

Romans 1:1 – ‘Paul a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle’

I write on the back of Inspire ’14 – a now annual four day retreat for our AOG ministers in training, led by the National Leadership Team, held at Mattersey – what an excellent time as very nearly one hundred men and woman came together. Heartfelt worship, impacting teaching, times of openness to the work of the Holy Spirit, new friendships formed, a hubbub of conversations and yes on occasions uproarious laughter! What was the thread that held all this together and drew such an enthusiastic response?

It was unmistakably and undoubtedly the call of God that sits over leaders of churches for such a time as this. Leaders apprehended, arrested, ‘ruined’ and ‘wrecked’ by the Sovereign Lord’s call to serve: there really is nothing like it.

Dave Kraft in his excellent book ‘Leaders that Last’ defined the call as: ‘Like being in love, you can’t explain it, but you know you’ve experienced it!’ Consider afresh:

– The Priority of the Call – It is not just ‘a job’ or ‘an industry’, it’s a life ‘given away’ to making Christ first in everything.

– The Absurdity of the Call – Again and again in the Bible, history and the present, God places His hand on people who naturally seem wholly unsuitable for the task and uses them anyway.

– The Enmity to the Call – Of course it will be opposed, you are dangerous for the cause of the kingdom. Be like that great called leader Nehemiah, and carry on anyway to complete the task mandated to you.

– The Beauty of the Call – Although we are just ‘jars of clay’ what we carry is treasure, the good news of Christ, that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Dave Kraft again, ‘The need for called leaders is great, where is the next generation of God called anointed leaders?’ Inspire 2014, within our context of AOG GB, gives us hope that they are most certainly emerging and arising.

Live The Call!



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