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Rev. E. Anderson

“All his days his work is pain and grief even at night his mind does not rest” – Ecclesiastes 2: 23

Some folks are wise, and some folks are fools. For all we know, a fool may be the one who ends up controlling all of our efforts at work. But even if we work for a wise man, the work itself can cause pain and grief and rob us of our sleep at night.
Here’s what Solomon has said up to this point in this book: We have no original ideas; pleasure, knowledge, work, and amassing “stuff” are all meaningless; wise folks and foolish folks end up the same; everything we do will be left to someone else; and after we are gone, we will be forgotten.

Throughout Ecclesiastes, whenever Solomon uses the word meaningless or the image of chasing the wind, he is referring to a certain kind of scenario. When we try to live life without God-—even though we think that what we pursue will bring us what we want-—we end up with a very bitter and unsatisfactory conclusion.
Ecclesiastes is all about an old man reflecting on a long and full life then drawing conclusions that he wants to pass on to others to help them avoid making the mistakes he made. So how are you doing in arranging all of the elements of your life to include God in the equation? lt isn’t enough to have God in one part of our lives if He doesn’t also permeate the other parts. For example, if we include God in our marriages and family lives but shut Him out of our work, the conclusion we will reach at the end of our work lives will be precisely what Solomon articulates here: Our work and careers were meaningless; they brought us no fulfilment.
Solomon’s clear message is that any part of our lives that does not include God will end up being completely worthless. We can argue with Solomon about this, but we are arguing with someone who has been there, done that, and drawn some very pointed conclusions. We are arguing with an expert, one who once believed that those things would satisfy.

Have you been excluding God from any part of your life? If so, that aspect of life will lack fulfilment for you until you allow God to infuse it with meaning and significance.



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