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Rachel Issitt

Rachel Issitt lives in Nottingham and. runs a Christian missions organisation

What do you do? Tell us a bit about your life. I’m married to Edward and we have two wonderful daughters… Bethany, who is three and Hannah, who is almost one.

I’m half Indian and half English, and I really love experiencing other cultures and their diversity. Along with my husband, we direct Your Mission, which is a ministry with a passion to see each and every Christian engage in mission.

We seek to inspire others to serve God through our preaching, teaching, training and forums. I also lecture on missions at Mattersey Hall Bible College and I recently completed my first book ‘What’s Your Mission?’, which is available on Kindle.

I’m currently writing my second book on the Proverbs, which have massively challenged and inspired me lately. Preach¬ing is something I am doing more and more of. We are part of the leadership of a vibrant church in Nottingham and we both love to travel!

How do you hear God’s voice? God can be heard loud and clear through the Bible. I like to put the principles of the Bible into practice and watch the results, even when obeying what God says is opposite to the usual way of looking at things. I do aim to keep a sensitive heart toward God and seek to be open to his voice.

I occasionally hear God through prophecy, words of knowledge, dreams, pic¬tures and impressions which God places on my heart. Any revelation needs to match up with the principles in the Bible, as there is no higher wisdom than God’s Word. I also ask God for confirmation regarding such things and need to have peace. I do sometimes get hearing from

God wrong but as long as I stay open to correction and allow the Bible to have the final word, it’s all OK. God understands me.

What do you believe his plan for your life is? I believe God wants us to love, worship, obey and serve him as a family. We travel a lot and believe this is something we will do a lot of in the future. I believe our travelling worldwide will include impassioning others for mission through preaching and equipping.

God loves us and his plans are to bless, increase, prosper us and cause us to be fruitful in what we do. I love the USA and so hope that is part of God’s place for us to visit more often in the future as well as going to many other nations in a ministry capacity.

If you could sum up your experience of being a Christian in one sentence, what would it be? An exciting and fulfilling journey of growing, learning and following Jesus.

How do you build your faith?

It is important to belong to a good church and be rooted and planted in it Reading the Bible is important. Prayer is a key and I aim to have a devotional time each day. Edward and I pray together most mornings and read a passage from the Bible as well. Good worship music helps. I listen to preaching on podcasts and aim to spend more time with quality Christians who will stretch, challenge, rebuke and inspire me to go further. Sometimes when we take a big picture perspective of our lives, we can trace the moving of God in our circumstances. This helps us to look forward in faith. I have lots of encouraging answers to prayers and miracles which I can think on and it gives me faith for the future and confidence that Jesus is the same tomorrow as he was yesterday.

Describe yourself in five words Creative, traveller, musical, teacher, inspirer.

How do you build your faith? It is important to belong to a good church and be rooted and planted in it. Reading the Bible is important. Prayer is key and I aim to have a devotional time each day. Edward and I pray together most mornings and read.



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