christian testimony


Ben Hampshire

Ben Hampshire is a Yorkshire journalist for Sky Sports

Who introduced you to Jesus? A girl called Kerry who I met in the second year of college helped me to unpack some big questions I’d been having concerning the death of my grandparents. I was constantly seeking answers and she patiently helped me process things.

One day she handed me a DVD presented by a well-known evangelist (Mark Ritchie) and as I watched the footage I felt the overwhelming, loving embrace of God. The following day Kerry was alongside me as I prayed and gave my life to Jesus.

There is no question that building good friendships with people and being willing to explore complex issues can have a profound impact on their journey. I will always be grateful for the way in which God moved through Kerry.


I am a journalist at Sky Sports. I graduated from Leeds Trinity University in the summer of 2013 and have been plying my trade with Sky’s online team in Leeds ever since. When I’m not glued to live sport or my Twitter feed, you will almost certainly find me in Barnsley. I love the town immensely and am really excited about having the opportunity to meet young people and share the gospel and pray for them.


When I look back over my life I see the undeniable outline of a great architect joining the dots to bring me to where I am today. In small things and big things I find myself overwhelmed by God’s goodness.

Many people have ‘God moments’ and I think that, for me, it comes down to the fact that he saw me at the beginning, he sees who I am today, and he has an out¬line marked for my future. It’s a breathtaking thought.


I recently attended two desperately sad funerals – the kind where it’s next-to-impossible to know what to say – and they made me realise that even when I don’t know what to believe, I can at least know who I believe in. My doubts and questions regularly ‘make themselves known’, but they don’t frighten me and I don’t think they frighten God either. In fact, I think God helps us turn our doubts into a deeper faith and a richer experience.
Has there been one particular moment that has denned your faith?

The dynamic of my journey has recently shifted. All my life I have been quite academically-minded; systematically learning how things work. My mantra in education, in the
newsroom and in faith has always been: ‘Prepare, study, win.’

But 2 Timothy 1:12 says, “I know whom I have believed.” I’ve discovered that faith isn’t pinned on my ability to prepare, but on the character of Jesus. I realised all over again that what Jesus wants from me is a personal, intimate walk.

Sum up your experience of being a Christian in one sentence Following Jesus is an exhilarating, often unpredictable journey of growth and grace, directed by an ever-consistent Saviour.



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